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    [GAUGING INTEREST] Warehouse Props

    Warehouse props is a high quality product for those who want to make a warehouse for a game, or even for an architectural project.

    It's composed by:

    Levels – 2

    - All objects

    -Demo level (complete warehouse)

    Textures – 94 up to 4k

    Objects – 61

    UE4 materials – 86

    Decals – 18

    1 X Barrel (multiple materials variation)

    7 X Card Boxes (multiple materials variation)

    18 X Decals (floor / Wall)

    1 X Extinguisher

    1 X Floor

    1 X Fuse box

    1 X Power Plug

    1 X Hand Pallet Truck

    1 X lamps

    2 X Lamp Tube

    2 X Metal roof (with window / without window)

    12 X Wood Pallets (multiple materials variation)

    1 X Plastic Pallet

    2 X Rack

    1 X Rack Support

    1 X Rack products info.

    1 X Security Camera

    9 X Danger Signs

    1 X Trash Container

    1 X Pillar (multiple materials variation)

    1 X wall (multiple materials variation)

    1 X Wall door opens (multiple materials variation)

    1 X Wall gate opens (multiple materials variation)

    1 X Door

    1 X Door Outside

    1 X Gate Open

    1 X Gate close

    1 X Gate Outside

    Preview videos / Images

    All Objects / Screenshots

    All Objects demonstration

    Change objects tutorial

    Demonstration Demo Level (Complete Warehouse)