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    Hi everyone,

    The next update will be later on, and let me explain what I will trying to do.

    I'll concentrate my times to upgrade some of the things that you already have in my pack like for example the water.
    My plan is to add more realistic effect in the water materials and physic with other mesh (like a buoyancy water). I cannot talk about when i expect to release this update but this is one of my plans. I also trying to include a weather system to my pack but this require some test and a huge time of working.

    So like I say before, in october I expect to give you some new information about my next package: The Swamp. This is a huge project and by the same time I will working on my weather system. I will give you some news after some major part is done.

    I hope you have a great day and thank you!

    Give me your feedback and don't be afraid to message me if something isn't clear!

    Vincent B.


      - SEPTEMBER 2018 -
      Update idea for this month.

      Change about optimization for being able to build a multiplayer online game.
      So nobody inbox me about the optimization of my pack but i already know that i can increase the fps total by reducing the resolution of my texture. So one of the update will give you a new version of some texture in a reducing resolution (2k version) for foliage, rocks, debris and landscape!
      So for the people who dreams to build a large open world or a multiplayer experience without seeing the fps drop too much, this will be a pretty cool update.

      Texture quality update for some models.
      The quality of my texture is good so far but I always try to upgrade my stuff to help you getting the best of your scene! So i'll try to update some of my textures that can be better in general!

      Lighting enhancement for map 2.
      My lighting in the second map can be better so I'll do a update about that.

      Your proposition or feedback?
      Every proposition or feedback is taking seriously. So if you guys have a comment about what could be fun to have into my pack this is the good place to talk about that! Also you can review my product anytime in the market but if you thinking about giving a bad review for any reason please contact me before doing that and i'll help you with any problem that you have! I give my best into my products in the market and I really want to continue with a lot of package in the future!

      Thank you guys and have a nice day!


        Hello everyone!

        I don't give some news this month and this is because i'm busy a bit but don't panic every little time that I have is to think about something that can be great to add for this package. I also want to prepare my next content but i seriously want your opinion about that.

        That can be: The swamp which will be a horror themed pack where i will design some quality outdoor swamp assets and i will also modeling a house that'll be inspired by Resident Evil 7 and Outlast. 1 creepy house (large size) 1 fishing cabin with bloody atmosphere. 1 swamp materials. Foggy FX and Rain FX. A great swamp nature set. And some broken wooden modular piece.


        A arctic research base where you will receive a high quality snowy landscape, some great ice materials, a *bunker* feels like interior with quality assets. Some exterior assets like snowmobile with snow shader. A large map. And a Big surprise (creative idea) that i will include into this don't want to talk about it but this will be a pretty cool things.

        So far the two projects is pretty cool and I want to make everything at the same times ... but what is your need?

        Again if you have some feedback about Peaceful Valley River or idea to make this pack better you can propose it! Also if you have any comments about my next package to build or any idea this would be greatly appreciated because i'm not sure what to start with!

        Thank you everyone and have a great weeks!

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          Hi. This asset looks nice! What is difference between your asset and procedural landscape ecosystem on marketplace?



            Hi viking0077, it really depend of what you need right now. The procedural landscape ecosystem by Gokhan Karadayi was made 1 years before Peaceful Valley River. So for now the pack include a season system which give you a snow materials. So if you need to make a snowy type of map for sure Peaceful Valley River didn't have that option so far (but I may include this after some times for sure). I also see that Gokhan have added a auto painted landscape, a feature that I have but in a different way. Lets have a quick looks of the difference right here:

            Peaceful Valley River
            • A easy to use Procedural System
            • High quality Landscape with Displacement set-up
            • Puddle system
            • River Water system
            • Large scaled tree with great and realistic looks.
            • 4k textures and high quality meshes
            • Great vegetation type and variations
            • Realistic mushroom
            • Some post-process for any tastes.
            • Can make a very realistic scene but can have a performance hit if you use it badly (too dense forest for example)
            • Good variety of rocks and can be customized easily

            Procedural Landscape Ecosystem
            - Already have season type
            - Creating a map without having any plan
            - Have road and train rail if you need this
            - Slope for landscape
            - Creating a Large type of map (For a game like DayZ, Miscreated...)
            - Painting to template the vegetation setup ---> Similar to mine but different because in PLE you generate a template, all the different color apply some foliage to your landscape | In PVR you select a texture from the landscape, apply any mesh (foliage) that you want to spawn on in a list and when you will paint on the landscape the correct vegetation will spawn on the correct texture. (Look feature video for more info about that)
            - More optimized trees less polygon

            That's my quick difference review of the two pack.
            I personally don't have bought PLE but it looks like a great pack too.
            I will continue to work on PVR to try to add some feature that could be great to have (snow shader, ice river, snow fx, blizzard fx, and more.) I'm listening to the feedback of the people that bought my pack and like i always said My goals is to make the best content for helping the indie companies to grow. I also work on more content for the marketplace so i'll always be close to the unreal community.

            Hope this answers correctly to your question!


              Thanks for good answer, i think I'll buy your pack anyway what do you mean by slope for landscape?


                A slope is like the separation between a plane suface and the height that you apply on. when you sculpting with the landscape tool you automatically have a texture of cliff that appear when it goes up so for example you have a grass texture on a plane ---> you use the sculpting tools and automatically you will see a new texture of cliff (blend) so it can be useful if you don't want to manually paint your cliff. Also this is something that i think to add !


                  Example of slope :


                    ****! I taught you had this in your have to add this as soon as possible, this great asset need it!


                      For sure! This could be a great addon feature to my update 4 ! I'll work on that! I take any idea pretty seriously. I always trying to upgrade my content to the next level. So slope is on my list for the update 4. I also probably gonna add some different wooden fence and a wooden bridge too !


                        Sound nice...keep up the good work!


                          Hello guys,

                          September update is a bit delayed to october, like I said i'm busy right now but as I planed to do,

                          Complete optimization for the entire project.
                          Slope materials for landscape.

                          I'm also started a new project for the unreal engine market
                          and I work for some contracts so sorry again for the delay.

                          Thanks you for your patience!


                            --- UPDATE 4 Status ---
                            Hello guys, As you know, the update 4 will be based on two big things:
                            LANDSCAPE SLOPE

                            Right now I made some test for making my asset running better together and drastically improve the fluidity of my maps. Optimization is a huge part of job which is really technical and hard to push to the limit.

                            What i've find so far:
                            If I do some LOD by myself for the trees I can totally win a lot of fps.
                            The culling distance in my procedural system is way to high.
                            Density of foliage is high so without a good culling distance and LOD set-up the performance hit is for sure pretty hard and this cause the fps to constantly up and down.
                            Foliage can be easily decreased to 2k and 1k without seeing a difference in quality
                            Same for the rock 4k to 2k.
                            Landscape in 2k looks pretty good

                            GPU look to be ok
                            FPS With optimization, on standalone mode:

                            WITHOUT VSYNC
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	FPS01.jpg
Views:	12
Size:	502.3 KB
ID:	1536132

                            WITH VSYNC AND STANDALONE MODE
                            CONSTANT 60 FPS AT SUPREME
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	FPS02.jpg
Views:	4
Size:	476.5 KB
ID:	1536133

                            So for now the optimization going well!
                            The slope is not finish yet.

                            I anticipate to release it at October 13-14, 2018

                            Thanks guys hope you love my content as i always love to try to upgrade the product value!
                            Have a great day!


                              Hi. Looking forward to update 4! Are you going to make some tutorials how to change/add texture layers and how to use your asset in general?



                                Absolutely vikings,

                                The main reason why I don't share to many video is because I didn't have the technology (microphone) to explain some of my feature or stuff. I could make one where I will slowy explain how to make a layers for the landscape or replace one for sure. I keep that in mind !