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    Unreal engine 4.20 as been released today!

    I will update Peaceful Valley River with this newest version.

    This will be ready tomorrow because i will start it at midnight and when i'll go to sleep to let the product uploading (9-10 hours complete) and dont lose some hours of work in day time!

    You can always post what you think about my content so far right on this post.

    In the next update:
    Procedural Landscape foliage
    New "open world" map
    Possibility of new content if the new map need it.

    Have a good day and stay tune something good coming again!


      Hello everyone!

      The new 4.20 version is not released yet: The reason is because i needed to do a light build and also reajust the document with the BETA VERSION of the new Procedural Environment. The complete version will be available with the next update for the 4.19 - 4.20 with new stuff for making your epic level design!

      Procedural? What is this new feature?

      First i didn't make my default map procedural and the reason is simple (the map is not that large). But my goal is to expand my content the best that I can so I decide for the feature video and for the next update to concentrate myself in something a bit bigger, not like creating a map "open world" like the witcher 3 :P but a large map that you'll see the power of my content. So this is why I include a full procedural system that you'll be able to create something large in a few period of time. The beta version included in my 4.20 version is just the beginning of this system. This will be upgraded of course, but you can use it at this state it works pretty good the reason why this is in a beta state is just because I have so many other things to do with that. OK but.., what this do???? let me explain you summary what is the procedural system.

      Lets say you have a landscape with 6 differents textures.

      2.Dirt Ground
      3. Forest Ground
      4. Rocky Ground
      5. Mud Ground
      6. Swamp

      You paint your landscape with the paint tool and after you have your color you apply the foliage with foliage tool and after that by placing one element at a time you apply your trees and you do all this for a open world game. Slow process right? So now with the procedural system you can decide what type of foliage SPAWN on GRASS TEXTURE, what's on the DIRT GROUND, what's on FOREST GROUND (...) and everything will spawn with your own settings!! Cool right? Time saver. So this is a summary of the new system. The procedural system for trees is in beta test. For the trees this is a box that have some foliage type included in and with the procedural spawner fonction it follow the way your map is made. With some settings, it'll procedurally spawn randomly your trees on the map and following the landscape surface.

      So like i said guys i prepare a video that'll explain every feature in my package!
      I trying to go the faster that i can this is something that i never really made and i don't want to make a cheap video.

      Thank you guys for your support and have a awesome day!

      Vincent B.
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        Hi guys, the 4.20 version is pending for being release on the store its not gonna be long I guess. Today or in the weekend i will show you some progress of the next map and i hope to finish the feature and cinematic video soon ! The new map looks good and have some new features that i'll talk later on.

        Also a new post process will coming with the new patch and it looks pretty cool !

        Stay tune!


          Hi everyone!

          Like i say today i will provide some pictures of my works and what's coming soon!

          UPDATE 3 INFO:
          NEW Procedural system for the landscape : Paint your landscape with the texture of your choice and make or use the foliage type list to spawn the foliage on the surface.
          NEW Procedural trees spawner : With a new system you will now spawn quickly a group of trees in your map with some settings pre-made to work greatly.
          NEW OPTIONAL Landscape with displacement/tesselation that made the terrain look even more realistic
          NEW Post Process Color/Lighting/Grading
          NEW Sky Texture and edit default skybox
          Other things will be added if I decide to make more (probably yes)

          So now here i will show you the map "open world that I work on. This will be the map used to make the feature showcase video I think this is a good way to show you how to work with my product and by doing a new map I give you a new taste of what type of works you can acheive with my stock!


          A lot of things will be added this is just the preview of it and if i have a idea of adding interesting new content i will add it.

          Hope you like it.

          Vincent B.
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            Hello everyone,

            In some days i'll move at a new home! But my update continue to go pretty good.

            Lets give you some information about what coming up!

            First i'll stop sharing my photos in 4k on this post this is too heavy for nothing so the new post will be with 1920x1080. I deleted some in the older post.
            Next, the 4.20 version as been released by epic games today! You can test the procedural system but again this is not the complete version and the optimal that I make just now.

            Let's talk about UPDATE 3,

            SCREENSHOT OF TODAY 23 JULY 2018:



            NEW SKY TEXTURE:


            FOREST IMAGES:

            After making all this i'm ready to make the feature video I also need to find the best way to record my screen so in few days I think I will be able to finish this and post my video.

            But for the next update I thinking about some things that can be fun and useful to add into Peaceful Valley River.

            You can make some suggestion if you need something.

            Lets talk about those picture.

            I think about adding some things that you see in those images.

            This can be fun to include some basic river rocks that could easily be placed on the "beach surface" or softly on the water. Those rock are pretty simple they dont have to many shape and this is something that add some realism to the design. So what I thinking about is adding a pack of rocks for the river and the rocky surface "side of the river", at the same time some underwater rocks.

            Second, the last picture have some wood trunk and broken piece this can be cool to add this to go through a river with a character or something like that. This also looks pretty nice and this could be a good new content to add to your scene.

            The first picture is one that i really love with the terrain texture, the rock in the water and close to the terrain. The dead trees close to the river is also something that i want to add in the future.

            But what you think about the new map? Do you love where i trying to go with this new update?
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              Hello everyone,

              Finally i'm now in my new home in Montreal. I'm ready to continue what is not done yet like the feature video.
              This is coming really soon i'm sorry for the time it take!

              Thank you,


                Hello everyone!

                Inspired by the picture that I post I decided to make a large update for the Update 3!

                The update 3 will include a lot of new rocks designed for the placement close to a river, some new trees debris, the new procedural system for the landscape and trees, a new open world map with the new stuff into, a new post process, new sky texture, and a lot more to comes! I really want to give you the best tool to made a good looking outside environment so I continue to add some things and upgrade everythings.


                  Small preview of Update 3 :

                  Other pictures coming soon !


                    Planning for this month:

                    I got some new idea for the pack guys let me share you this.

                    As I continue to make my package become better and better i see that the community is divide in some way, some people is ready to buy a complete pack like Peaceful Valley River and some just don't need everythings in my pack and is not willing to pay the full price for somethings that they don't need so my idea is to create multiple pack with a categorie of things.

                    Like a pack of the mushroom, another of only the rocks (...) you see where I goes with that.

                    I understand that many of you is indie and cannot always buying a 85$ package but the value will not drop (only in sale) this is a lot of works and energy to put into a project like this and my only desire is to help you making a good looking project and for sure your support help me making my content better and without that I probably could not continue making some product for the marketplace.

                    Like I say before don't be shy if you have something to say about my content I could probably help you with any problem. The feedback is what making my content grow and it help me becoming better.

                    So i will continue the update 3 this will add some content and the new map with the procedural system (the real edition) so stay tune everyone!

                    Thank you very much!
                    Vincent B.


                      Hi everyone,

                      Good news the update 3 coming this week.
                      I'm not in my primary office right now so there's no way that I can release the update but in some times you will receive all the new stuff.
                      Sorry for the little delay for the update 3 before the university restart i've needed to do some things! But the other good news is that i'll probably give you some new textures for the landscape with the time that I work in my second office.

                      UPDATE 3: THIS WEEK FRIDAY - SATURDAY OR SUNDAY (Depending when I return in Montreal)

                      4.19 - 4.20
                      NEW Procedural System for the landscape
                      NEW Tessellation and displacement materials for the landscape
                      NEW Procedural Spawner the spawn trees in the maps quickly
                      NEW 15 new rocks sculpted and textured to work easily close to a river
                      NEW Trees debris (?) sculpted and textured
                      NEW A new Landscape in 4k textures and I'll include the default landscape in 2k.
                      NEW Two new Color Grading
                      NEW Open World Map build with the new procedural system

                      Hope you like my package and the upgrade that coming!

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                        next project
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                          Hello everyone!

                          The new update is pending to be released on the store! Epic games need to verify if my file are all ok.

                          So the update 3 give you a lot of stuff to work with like the new procedural system for the landscape and the trees. The landscape is more realistic with the tessellation/displacement set-up.
                          You'll receive some new content where I focus on giving you more rocks to work with. This rocks is more basic and can fit pretty much any where.
                          8 new small river rocks
                          5 new medium river rocks
                          1 new Broken Trunk.

                          The broken trunk is more a test for a next update where I will be more concentrate to make wooden debris. Also i will probably make some new textures for the landscape.

                          Don't hesitate to give me some feedback I trying to make the many things for you guys but without feedback this is hard for me to see what isn't top notch.
                          Hope you'll love the update 3 next week i hope to be able to make my individual pack (only mushroom, only rocks, trees and foliage.)

                          Thank you, picture will be updated today!
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                            Picture of the Update 03:

                            Procedural Open World Map:

                            Peaceful Valley River - Default Map Remaster


                              Hello everyone!

                              So what will coming now?

                              The update 3 is officially released now I truly hope you love all the new stuff that i included in!

                              I don't know if you guys want or need the compatibility patch for 4.17-4.18 but what i decide is to do my pack for 4.17 to the newest version. So the lower version of 4.17 will not work for Peaceful Valley River. The reason is that with all the update that I make in 4.19 this is truely some work and time that I don't think is highly worth. If you need my pack and can't update to the newer version send me a message and I will try to do something for you but if nobody inbox me I won't make a compatibility patch for the older version. Good news is I start my project in 4.17 so i just need to remade and include all the patch and it will be ok. My next product "The Swamp" will be compatible for 4.17 to the newest version!

                              Lets talk about "The Swamp"

                              The Swamp will be a pretty big environment that will include everything that you need to build a scary Resident Evil 7 inspired level design. There's will be some old creepy house with broken stuff, moldy food, dirt wall, and more. I'm a big fan of survival horror games and I really want to help you create the next big Outlast, Resident Evil type of game. There's will be a lot of new foliage and trees types. If you have any demand to include in my next project you can inbox me I will take that in consideration.

                              Also you can always contact me for Peaceful Valley River i'm pretty open to all the demand and i like to receive some comments of any types!

                              First things that I will do is the compatibility patch for 4.17-4.18
                              After I will separate my pack in part so if you don't need everythings in my product you will be able to select what you want!

                              Thank you everyone and hope you have a pretty summer!