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    [SUPPORT] Peaceful Valley River - Update/Fixes/Contents

    Hello everyone and welcome to the official support page for Peaceful Valley River
    Right here we gonna talk about the upcoming update, fixes and upgrade/new content.

    I'm more than concern about the quality that I give in my product released so any feedback is highly appreciate.

    What's coming?
    - SEPTEMBER 2018 -
    Update idea for this month.

    Change about optimization for being able to build a multiplayer online game.
    So nobody inbox me about the optimization of my pack but i already know that i can increase the fps total by reducing the resolution of my texture. So one of the update will give you a new version of some texture in a reducing resolution (2k version) for foliage, rocks, debris and landscape!
    So for the people who dreams to build a large open world or a multiplayer experience without seeing the fps drop too much, this will be a pretty cool update.

    Texture quality update for some models.
    The quality of my texture is good so far but I always try to upgrade my stuff to help you getting the best of your scene! So i'll try to update some of my textures that can be better in general!

    Lighting enhancement for map 2.
    My lighting in the second map can be better so I'll do a update about that.

    Your proposition or feedback?
    Every proposition or feedback is taking seriously. So if you guys have a comment about what could be fun to have into my pack this is the good place to talk about that! Also you can review my product anytime in the market but if you thinking about giving a bad review for any reason please contact me before doing that and i'll help you with any problem that you have! I give my best into my products in the market and I really want to continue with a lot of package in the future!

    Thank you guys and have a nice day!
    • New content! (River stock - Rocks and debris)
    • Update 3 - Open World Map with tesselation, Procedural techinique, new post process, and more!

    UPDATE 3:

    Update 2:

    UPDATE 2 :

    Fixed Shiny materials for trees and rocks
    Fixed Rock through the wooden fence
    Fixed Lighting and shadow

    New version:
    Peaceful Valley River 4.20 is out!

    So like I say guys, you can make your constructive feedback here It will be my pleasure to make a change for Peaceful Valley River.

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    Hello Everyone,

    When I started Peaceful Valley River, my goal was to achieve a photorealistic outdoor environment. As some people's comments say, my trees wasn't at point so I decided to work on it because i can't by how i am, deliver something that isn't good enough.

    So i will remaster my FirTree01 - FirTree02 - Conifer01 - Conifer02.

    My SmallTree01 - CliffTree01 - BrokenTree01 will not be remastered because i think they are good. In the future I will probably add a new version for the CliffTree01 that'll have some leaves on. I also I have the idea of making a new version for the BrokenTree with some roots.

    Here's some photos of the new sculpt for the trees. I hope you will love this!

    I'll continue all the weekend so i think the update will be ready shortly.

    Thank you for the patience and I hope you'll have a great weekend!

    Vincent B.


      MONDAY, JULY, 2, 2018


      Today I worked on 2 different parts of my upcoming update,

      1. My trunk are all sculpted - Now I'm on the branches placement part which take some time to make. (Third part is UV mapping, Fourth is the Baking map, Fifth is the pine placement, Sixth, Texturing, and finally the UE export to the update upload!)

      2. On the second part of the day I decide to take a pause for branches and concentrate my effort into making a natural sunset post process (With photorealistic color based on real life reference) good news the post process looks pretty good and completed.

      Tomorrow I will work on the trees again and my goal is to finish the branches placement and start the UV Mapping.
      I had one more idea since I wish my time was worth it and I came to the conclusion that at the same time to effectively remake my trees I could improve the performance of them by making them more low in polygon. So this is the second goal of this remaster.

      I will post some photos tomorrow of the progress of my update (Post process and trees)

      Thank you guys! And I hope you will like the changes!

      Vincent B.
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        TUESDAY, JULY, 3, 2018


        Hi guys, today I was able to work pretty nicely on the branches and the pine, i'm going to work a bit on the uv tonight!
        It take some times because I really trying to make the best of each trees with some reference of tree silhouette.

        My post process is in a pre-production phase: Here's some preview of the post process that coming soon! feel free to comment about it !

        Hope you like it !

        I working a lot to repair the problem pointed by the community feedback and I go the faster that I can (10 hours of work a day) if all going alright the update will be ready this week !

        Thank you for the precious feedback this is really helpful !

        Vincent B.
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          Hello guys,

          Sorry to not have giving any update yesterday!

          So good news the update advance pretty good!

          Here's some pictures for today :

          This going to replace the FirTree01!

          Thank you and have a good week!
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            Looks good, however I think the post process color grading on the Marketplace final is way too red. The way it looks in the marketplace is what will sell it. Also, you will need a video walk-through. Make sure no trees are above the ground like in some of these shots, and add more grass in areas that are barren I can see in these shots.


              Hi insectula!

              Thank you for your feedback this is highly appreciated!

              The post procesd on the market is a mistake that i made with bad settings for my 2 hp screen. Now my screen is in gaming mode. The reason of the mistake is because when you work a lot of hours on the computer sometimes the brightness hurt the eyes and I literally forget to turn the color in the *default* settings before making the post process haha.. My bad on that and i will make sure that the color and the lighting is right with the update #2.

              About the trees this level is the third person default level that i made some test on. The trees is not above the ground just out of the map. I think this is better to test my things in a new project and when all is ready put everything in the peaceful valley river project.

              Update 2 Hotfix:
              - New trees remastered
              - New post process remastered
              - 3 new color grading
              - New trees textures and universal textures
              - New soft dirt efx

              - Maps foliage area
              - Maps rocks that enter in the wooden fence in one place
              - Lighting
              - The weird reflection in some places
              - General look is now more photorealistic

              So this is going to be a good update.
              I hope the people on the market will forgive the mistake that i made and i apologize for that. I will continue to make this content grow and getting better !

              I cannot give a date for the release of the update right now but i will continue to write some message after the day that i work. I continue all the weekend and I'm pretty sure it will be ready in the course of next week.

              Thank you everyone and continue to give me some feedback!

              Vincent B.
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                TODAY UPDATE NEWS:

                A new trees is completed and in the unreal engine!

                Some pictures: (This tree will remplace the old Conifer_Tree02)

                Tomorrow, My goals is to finish the Fir Tree 02 and import it in the engine.
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                  MONDAY 9 JULY 2018,

                  Hello guys!

                  The third tree is now completed and in the unreal engine.
                  It will remplace the FirTree02.

                  So the end of the Update 2 is close! There's only One tree left. So now with that I think it will be released before or during wednesday to let me the time to correctly make the correction and the rework with the new stock!

                  I think this is a really nice upgrade far from the first version!
                  Thank you for having waited during the last 2 weeks, I wish you a beautiful summer and a lot of pleasure!

                  Vincent B.

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                    TUESDAY 10 JULY 2018,

                    Hello everyone!

                    Say welcome to your 4 new friends remasterised with now good shape and good real world size! I has also rework the texturing and the pine organization. For now the update doesn't include the trees without pine but I will see how i can including this quickly!

                    The update coming really soon and the product will be updated on the market page! I will also now have the time to make a video "Walkthrough" to show how can you use all the feature from this pack!

                    Many beautiful things to come for this pack and I hope you will love to be part of it! Every feedback is welcome and useful as you can see!

                    Again thank you guys! The only way to make things become better is to give me your idea about the product!
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                      Hello Guys,

                      The update 2 coming but before I need to do a lighting build and there's some other things that I want to include in the update. (Because I don't want that you download too many repeatedly update)

                      What I want to do more:

                      * Add the "without pine" version for all of the trees (For now I made only one)
                      * Continue corrected the map a bit.

                      So what you think about this? I can if you really need the new trees quickly upload the Update 2 tonight and you will receive the 4 new trees with pine, 1 without and all the other features of the update. Or i can work tonight and make the 3 other without version.

                      Anyway guys now you know how the update will look like and this is only the beginning of what I want to give you with this product!
                      Hope you like it !


                        So what's the plan for the next few days?

                        Finally I decide that is pretty important for you to receive quickly the new trees and the fixes so I decide to not include all the version without pine for now (FirTree02 is done, FirTree01 is in "TEST" Version BUT on the next patch they will be available and i'll also add some new stuff. (i've tried but I don't find a good way to make the without pine version looks awesome and optimised)
                        • TODAY: UPLOADING UPDATE 2 (10hrs upload)
                        • TOMORROW: UPDATE 2 RELEASE

                        So you'll receive the new trees and the new post process with all the fixes for Peaceful Valley River and I hope you will love the new content.

                        After this patch i've got some pretty nice idea for the following update but I will talk about that later on! My goal for now is to make my feature video to show how to easily use my things.

                        Thank you guys! Have a good day!

                        Vincent B.
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                          thanks for creating this ! like it!


                            Hi Tiffany,

                            Many thanks for that and i hope you enjoy the new update! I have many idea to make the content grow and becoming better and better.

                            I want to continue on the market and make more content in the future. If you have any trouble using a feature you can always inbox me and i would help if i can! (also a video is coming soon to explain some stuff).

                            You can also proposing a idea that could be fun or useful to have with Peaceful Valley River and i gonna look if this is possible to add that.

                            Hope you have a great day!

                            Vincent B.


                              THIS WEEK: (july 16 to 21)

                              4.17 - 4.18

                              - Compatibility patch for older version of the unreal engine

                              - Feature video with new map walkthrough

                              - Artstation page updated with the new release