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Blueprint based animated text widgets for UI

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    [SUPPORT] Blueprint based animated text widgets for UI

    Since most people seem to use the comment section rather than sending an email about their inquiries, I thought I'd start a thread here. The comment section does not send notifications to people and I hope the forum does at least that.

    To answer questions that were already asked, I'll put them in the FAQ below.
    Be free to ask for anything regarding this set of blueprints

    Link to the blueprints:

    Click image for larger version

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    Features of version 1.2.0
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    Q: Does this work with other languages?
    A: Yes, as long the font supports the required characters.

    Q: Does it work for [insert UE4 version before 4.19]?
    A: Sadly not without extra work. It would be no issue to copy paste the nodes, but the animations can not be copied. If you plan to make your own animations anyway, feel free to go that route.

    Q: Does it utilize data tables for text input?
    A: Yes! Same goes for handling other assets, like the flip book-like animations and animated images.

    Q: Can you resize the dialogue box?
    A: Yes, in the editor. I would use different instances of the blueprint for different purposes (shop UI, dialogue, cut scenes etc.).

    Q: Will it be updated to version X?
    A: I'll keep it up to date, but because of other work, it might take a week or two.
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      Would be nice to have it updated to new UE4 versions every time.
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        Originally posted by TheFlow3k View Post
        Would be nice to have it updated to new UE4 versions every time.
        Sorry for the late reply, seems it didn't subscribe me to my own thread...
        Also the submission messed up. 4.22 was ticked as compatible, but it didn't show on the shop page. Just fixed that.