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MNSI - Adding Sound To Physics - V1.0

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    That "sounds" Great!!!


      This is awesome! You better keep your promise to release it ! lol


        You better keep your promise to buy it :P

        For release it, I will.


          Hello , I will buy your plug-in according to other people's evaluation.


            Sounding/looking very awesome. Hope to buy the plugin sooner or later for my Project. Will boost immersion nicely.


              i need sound if i bending some plants. I mean perhaps a Banana tree with some Great doughs. Is it possible with your Plugin too?


                No. Deformation sounds you'll have to handle on your own. I have no plans to support physical deformations. Only Rigid Bodies. So Cloth flapping, or a really stiff soft body being bent are things you'll have to figure out on your own. It's a good idea to make a plugin for in the far future though but, I have enough to deal with as it is.


                  And what's with Footsteps?


                    No. Footsteps are usually handled somewhere in your either animation, game code or both in most advanced cases.
                    Though could be a fun future plugin to make. MNSI - Footsteps haha.


                      Originally posted by MischievousM View Post
                      Never said I plan on giving up.

                      As for the price. I still have rough ball park figures I came up with after studying the pricing of other market place assets.

                      It's really a matter of, how much do I value this and how much can I reasonably expect people who want physics sounds in their games to value this system.

                      As it stands now, without any group research;

                      Base logic set with only the plugin PB would be about 50 USD.

                      Full pack with the sound library ready to use out of the box, might go for 100 USD.

                      And afterwards, I'll continue making sound libraries tailored to work specifically with MNSI out of the box for the sameish prices.
                      As well as continue to support MNSI.

                      In my case a Sound Library means Light, Hard impact + Roll and Linear Friction Sounds with the Struct Library to load in your MNSI and Physical Material Assets with the proper naming convention.

                      I am open for critique on the pricing. I have yet to do peer reviews of this with my focus group friends who make games.
                      Don't get me wrong, I know how much time the fine tuning devours but I would rather see a price of 20-30 for the basic plugin. You can do a lot of sound packs (metal in general, wood in general, stone in general, medieval, weapons, tools, small items, etc.).
                      For 10 there is already a tool on the market to connect objects with sound ("Physical Decoration Objects" Of course, your tool does a little bit more.


                        Originally posted by MischievousM View Post

                        Hey man, sorry for the late response, yes, the actual plugin is done now, I'm in the process of creating the actual sound library I'll release it with.

                        I'm planning on creating a basic sound set, metal, wood, stone, bullets, I think that would cover anyone's basic needs.

                        As for the release date, I am doing everything I can to release this January 2019, probably mid January between 16th and 30th.

                        PS: It's a blueprint. If I ever make MNSI 2 because suddenly lots of people need it , I'll make that be C++
                        Will something be released soon? If the basic plugin is ready and a few sound packs, that would be enough for the first shot. Other sound packs can follow.


                          Will it be released soon?


                            Any new about a release date?
                            Next Game: Project Kronos - A thrilling True-First-Person adventure game (brain-work needed! VR support planned.)


                              Sorry for the radio silence! Once I made a promise to release it 2 times and totally missed that deadline, it became clear to me, that the technological and production issues were too new for me to adequately plan for. I will make a proper production update really soon.

                              All I can say right now is that the First Batch release sound library took 3 months to make and amasses 200 high quality physics sounds refined from about 500 samples... But that's finally done. I've also began the slow process of writing all the documentation for this plugin and making training videos on its usage. Another thing I didn't realize how long it will take.

                              But, I rather release this in the best state I can, than rush it.

                              Thanks for the insane patience! Knowing there's so much interest in this keeps my spirit up!

                              Proper update post, videos, usage in a real game test, coming real soon!


                                I've refrained from posting for too long. But I hope it was worth it; The Basic Sound Set is done. The only thing left to do is write all the documentation and record all the tutorials.

                                Also after another round of optimization,

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Performance1.jpg
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                                I can run this plugin on 200 objects all interacting with each other at just a 5ms game unit increase.
                                5ms is a lot. But so are 200 objects. Turning off rolling and friction sound can help a user get even faster sounds.

                                Ideal case, debris and unimportant objects have no reason to have friction and rolling sounds, so those can be individually turned off from the plugin's optimization panel.

                                More on that later.
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