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Smooth Sync: Sync your Transforms Smoothly across the network

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    To others reading this, the above also sent me a PM so I have been responding to them there.
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    Sync your transforms Smoothly across the network.


      Version 1.19 has been submitted to the Marketplace.

      Change Log:
      • Fixed issue with teleporting if had recently cleared the State buffer.
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      Sync your transforms Smoothly across the network.


        Hi, the plugin has been improved very much and it's solving a lot of network problems,
        due to how i set my character up i had some issue trying to workout and you provide great support for it before.
        i only have one single issue, when my controller possess other pawns it takes
        about 7-8 seconds for it to start replicating position and movements, other properties replicates fine in this period, and this issue only appears in production.
        actually you could test it in editor with up to 10 players with SmoothSync using dedicated server, and from one pawn try to possess another pawn and then move immediately you can see on other
        players window the pawn you just moved take a few seconds to replicated position where on your window the pawn actually moves.
        I'm guessing the heavier the the load the more time it takes to start replicating movements. by load i mean how many properties replicating or RPCs getting called for a pawn per frame.

        I used ForceStateSendNextFrame just before and after possessing a pawn, but no luck. maybe I'm doing it wrong, is there a function to call and telling it to start replicating no matter what?