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Simple AI - Boid Flock Movement

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    [RELEASED] Simple AI - Boid Flock Movement

    A Simple 2D AI system for Flock Movement of Birds/Fish/Cows/Pretty Much Anything with no director.

    Click image for larger version

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    Following a set of 3 simple rules that described the movements of flocks.
    1. The members of a flock tends towards its center
    2. The flock aligns its rotation
    3. The flock tries to not overcrowd its self

    These were refereed to as Cohesion, Alignment and Separation respectively. The goal being to create a realistic looking emergent movement system for birds/fish/cows where each agent, called a boid, makes its own decisions.

    The asset provides the Behavior tree, Actor, and AI Tasks for a developer to get a 2D flock system working instantly.

    Youtube Link
    Support Doc Link
    Gamasutra Article Link

    Any questions, suggestions, issues, feel free to post them here! Any support problems will probably get responded to faster if you email me at but feel free to put them here too.