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    Originally posted by nic0king View Post
    I can not make my "Sun"( directional light ) move. I can not activate the refresh light button even if my directional light is set to movable.
    Any ideas how to fix that?
    you need to check that box if i remember right, to be able to have time running and directional light rotating with time if thats ur problem, and if anyone reads this having east/west issue, just make How long is a day in The game? negative value to rotate 180

    Click image for larger version

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      has the moon been completely removed from this pack or something cause no matter what i do the moon never shows


        Do you know how to hook this into the multiplayer survival game template?


          Originally posted by poky View Post
          if you enable moon there are no stars.
          I have fixed this error, please update and give it a try!

          Originally posted by xpgained View Post

          This is the auto exposure of the camera I believe. you can turn it off in the settings tab under rendering.
          yes, please uncheck it if you don't want to overexposure.

          Originally posted by DarkRisenGamez View Post
          So Far, I can have a NICE Daytime rotation but no Moon at all, Set it up to moon and have no Stars. a Video by anyone who got this setup with Sun, Moon, and Stars please do share any info you have on getting this to work. I would appreciate it
          I have fixed this error, please choose to"Suns_stars_moon" mode.

          Originally posted by pixhitt View Post
          Hi, in my project, when I change the sky type, it won't change the global illumination, only changes the sky. What I need to do to sky affects the global illumination?


          it's normal because this sky box don't influence environment function.

          Originally posted by antonis74 View Post
          How can I make smooth transition between different clouds style ?
          hi,it don't have this function, you need to do it by yourself,sorry!

          Originally posted by MercJones View Post
          First off, great job on the project it looks amazing. I just have one question that I'm sure I could work around but I want to see if I'm just missing something first. Is there a way to make the lightning less frequent? I found turning down intensity helps but I'd like to keep the intensity high so the lightning is very clear but appear much less often because it seems much more aggressive than I would expect. Thank in advance
          hi, thank you for your reply.
          you need to find"MF_GoodSky_LightningFlick" in the material and input value.(new update)
          Click image for larger version  Name:	Desktop-2020412-下午-054142779.png Views:	0 Size:	87.0 KB ID:	1744443

          Originally posted by Sword Saint 32 View Post
          Hey there, I've got a game set on a train and was wanting to move the skybox to show movement but no matter what I add in the blueprint (all set to moveable) nothing happens. Any advice is appreciated .
          hi, my sky is huge size as same as ue4 default sky.
          so you need to scale it?

          Originally posted by Arcane View Post
          enable time of day will not allow me to check it - WHY - I've reloaded latest version dropped into scene added dir light but it will not allow me to enable the time of day checkbox so i can animate the time of day in Sequencer
          yeah, if you added the light,controller is direction light instead of "value of time of day "

          Originally posted by Apollo1444 View Post
          Hi guys!
          I'm getting this warning in the console: "BP_GoodSky_2 Large actor receives a pre-shadow and will cause an extreme performance hit unless bCastDynamicShadow is set to false."
          How to solve it?
          thank you for your reply and I have fixed it !(uncheck bCastDynamicShadow in default )

          Originally posted by razmaz51 View Post
          Would be nice if I could get a bit darker nights , but that may be something else.
          first you need to check that you have canceled exposure.
          and to use "Global overlay color' to darker it.
          could you give it a try?

          Originally posted by StarbuckQc View Post
          Linear color curves now accurately handle RGB values > 1. If you were relying on HSV clamping, please update Curve_GoodSky_horizon_Color
          Linear color curves now accurately handle RGB values > 1. If you were relying on HSV clamping, please update Curve_GoodSky_AllOverlayColor
          Linear color curves now accurately handle RGB values > 1. If you were relying on HSV clamping, please update Curve_GoodSky_BaseCloudColor
          Linear color curves now accurately handle RGB values > 1. If you were relying on HSV clamping, please update Curve_GoodSky_DomeColor

          Anyone know why i am getting this with the latest version?

          I am using a tiled large map. Everything still work correctly so far but i get that at loading.

          I have fixed this error, please update and give it a try!

          Originally posted by Yusuf-Ismail View Post
          Hey there,

          I'm trying to use the BP_GoodSky for the first time in a project made in Unreal Engine 4 version 4.22.3 however I'm getting some weird artifacts. I've attached a screenshot that shows what's happening, basically there's a bunch of white shapes.

          I've gone through the documentation at but it doesn't mention anything about this. I'm using version 2.0 of GoodSky in my project. Any help is greatly appreciated if anyone else has run into this issue!
          you need to delete another sky because of having two sky in the scene.

          Originally posted by DETERMINATOR20 View Post
          Hi, great asset.
          I've run into a few problems.
          1. The sunset/sunrise look appears too early at sunrise and too late at sunset.
          2. When the sun comes up and down, it reaches a point where it gets cut off. This means that from a high point, as the sun sets it suddenly disappears behind an imaginary line.

          Also, is there any way to blend the cloud coverage? I want to use it for a nice sometimes clear, sometimes heavy blend.

          edit: I've fixed problem 1, but I'm still encountering problem 2.
          I have add update version,(you can find value of "Sun Disappear In Horizon"in global setting).
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            So I recently got this working with a functioning time of day scale, but the moon is still not showing up idk if im missing something or what, i enabled sun+stars+moon


              Hello U N E A S Y , I need to rotate the sun position on Z but without can I do it?


                Hello, I love this pack! I was wondering if you could explain how to set up the moon to cycle with the sun? Thank you so much!