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    Hello, I don't know what i am doing wrong but I follow your instruction tutorial, but my 3rd person character falls through any elevated roads. I have no collision with any road I build. I even created a new project from scratch, built a road and place the 3rd person on it and they just fall to the ground. Same thing happens also with your showcase map you included also where you show the elevated roads, still no collision. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


      Hello Jkthrp, File update has been processed, the fix is live.

      jjacks888 Hello, this is because Road Actor's Spline->CollisionPreset property is set to "OverlapAll" by default. Set it to "BlockAll" to enable collision. You may also want to set "Use Complex Collision As Simple" in Static Mesh Editor for road and intersection meshes.


        Thank you for the update GlimpseOfDawn That bug is fixed, GREAT! Now I want the terrain height to match with the sidewalk, when it's plane works fine, but not with an uneven road.
        Maybe there's a value I can modify or something...


          You are welcome Jkthrp! You need to run "Align To Surface" function with '-23' offset to level pavements with the landscape. And then run "Apply Landscape Spline" again with smaller values (e.g. 250, 50) to carve the roads.


            Good news everyone! Big feature update is finally live on the Marketplace! Here is new video:


              New features that is always ok but doubling the price with no previous warning about that is far from good. So those that bought it before are getting new features for free at the cheaper price and whoever wanted to buy it didn't know that with new features the price would have been doubled.....


                I appreciate that this caused you inconvenience and will consider your advice in the future.


                  I just saw your new trailer for your plugin and I got some questions:

                  1. How do the vehicle blueprints work? Are they spline based separate from the roads or are the roads part of the vehicle blueprint as well? Do the vehicles have to follow the roads?
                  2. Can I adjust how many vehicles I want in a particular area?
                  3. Can they steer in whichever direction I want them to?
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                    1. Vehicle system includes two separate blueprints: a traffic spawner and vehicle, they follow the same splines as the roads. Vehicles always follow a spline.
                    2. Yes, by adding another traffic spawner with different parameters.
                    3. They follow specified array of road splines.

                    Please note the system is rather basic right now and lacks many features such as collision detection.


                      Added new features overview / quick tutorial video:


                        Hey got the road tool being using but have been experiencing low FPS when moving spline points really laggy and framerate drops every time I move a spline point making it really difficult to make roads. Any way of fixing this or do you plan in optimising the blueprint to improve performance.


                          To improve performance while editing splines you can temporarily disable "Spline Extra" features and set Spline->Xscale to something larger than 1 (2-3 is ok). Optimizations are planned in the future.


                            Hi GOD,..

                            Congrats for your tool that seems very exciting to use. I am working in driving simulation and this tool could be very useful for us. However, I have some questions before deciding to buy it.

                            1/ Do you manage special intersection as roundabouts like standard T or X crossings with customized meshes ? Do you plan to use entirely parametric objetcs and not "formated" template object as it is now ?
                            Is it possible to build a nightmare rouandabout as in Swindon (UK) ?

                            2/ Is it possible to build road insertions/exits with a very accurate degree of forking

                            / Do you plan to support importing OSM files ?

                            / Is it possible to build curb cuts for vehicles entry on sidewalks ?

                            Best regards,



                              Hi, thank you.

                              1/ You can create basic roundabout from several T intersections. The nightmare roundabout is only possible if you have a custom Static Mesh for it. Some parametric objects may be added in the future.

                              2/ Right now it is only possible with custom geometry. Will work on it after I finish current update.

                              3/ OSM support is not planned for now.

                              4/ It is possible to replace road section with a custom mesh.

                              Best regards,


                                Hello, I want to know it will continue to update it? I bought a 30 euro road plug-in before, but so far it has not updated the 4.19 edition and almost no new content has been added. Does this plug-in guarantee continuous updates?

                                There is a more critical question. Can he be applied to building visualization? That is to say, for the shape of the road network, the CAD drawings of all kinds of special-shaped road requirements are relatively high? If it can be applied to the CAD building visualization road network modeling, I believe it is very worthwhile for me to have.