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    Ooo, a track generator? Yes please! It would be awesome for testing out track ideas quickly. I'm guessing it conforms to the terrain/ground mesh?


      Exactly, it works just as it did before, just with way more functionality. You still have the option to project the track onto the terrain or make a basic spline track manually.
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        Hey Alwin,

        While getting ready to update to Unreal 4.20, I noticed it's not available to download anymore from the Epic Games launcher. I understand that you submitted AG Blueprint 1.2 to work with that specific version of Unreal. Is there any way for you to submit it at some point for Unreal 4.21?

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          You can go straigth to 4.21. It's a longer time since I said it will be compatible with 4.20, of course it will be compatible with 4.21 and all engine versions above until 4.18. It is just a matter of the Marketplace staff to give me approval and publish the new content.

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            The update is processed and ready to download

            Before you update make sure to make a copy of your project!

            Setting up input controls for 2.0:

            - Go to Project Settings -> Engine -> Input and apply these input settings or import the Input File from my Website.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	input.PNG Views:	1 Size:	84.3 KB ID:	1557009

            Getting started:

            - Import the new 2.0 package into your project
            - Go to Edit -> Project Settings and set the AG_Gamemode as your default Game Mode
            - Open the example map and enter Play Mode

            Keep in mind that it is the fist version of 2.X and there is (as always) much room for improvement!

            The documentation will be available soon along with the update of my website

            Please let me know what you think! I keep you posted.
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              Update 2.0.1 is on it's way which adresses following things:
              • Fix: Best lap time is currently also set when there is no time improvement, will be fixed
              • Fix: When the ship gets off the track, it currently respawns at the next checkpoint (should respawn at the checkpoint before)
              • Improved: More direct and responsive vehicle steering
              • Improved: Variable slider calibration for an easy vehicle setup in the Details Panel
              • Improved: Racing Manager node organization - more use of Macros for a clear overview
              • Improved: demo map lighting setup
              • New: Cinematic demo level intro
              The new documentation will be available by this weekend. A .pdf file link in the demo map with all steps for setting up the system will be included.
              When you find something not working properly, please let me know and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

              Let me know how the new system works for you. Feedback is always appreciated!
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                Documentation for 2.0.X available here
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                  Terrain Rendering Issue (v 2.0.1) - Here is how to fix it!

                  I noticed in update 2.0.1 there is a little rendering bug when the Landscape is not selected - it is kind of semi transparent and when you select it again, it appears perfectly normal.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	terrain1.PNG Views:	1 Size:	324.7 KB ID:	1563728Click image for larger version  Name:	terrain2.PNG Views:	1 Size:	369.7 KB ID:	1563729

                  How to solve it:
                  • Select the Terrain
                  • In Terrain Settings, select 'Manage' -> 'Change Component Size'
                  • Switch the Resize mode from 'Expand' to 'Resample' and apply the settings

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	fix0.PNG Views:	2 Size:	84.0 KB ID:	1563731Click image for larger version  Name:	fix1.PNG Views:	1 Size:	54.0 KB ID:	1563730

                  This should solve the issue. I contacted the Marketplace staff so they can reproduce it and hopefully fix it asap in the next Engine Version.

                  If you still have trouble, please let me know and I will try to find a solution.
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                    I just submitted update 2.0.2 which should resolve the landscape rendering and also simplifies the importing process a little bit. You no more have to set up the Game Mode manually in your Project Settings since it is now preset in the World Settings of the Demo map. - Which also means there are no more warnings or errors when you enter Play Mode without setting up the Game Mode first.

                    Update 2.0.2
                    • Fix: Terrain rendering issue resolved
                    • Improved: The GameMode is now preset in the World Settings of the demo map - more user friendly setup
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                      I'm having troubles figuring how the gamemode / racing manager determines when the racer is off-track and resets to a checkpoint. I'm using a landscape around the spline track that I don't want the racer to play on.


                        At the moment the Racing Manager has a Custom Event called Respawn at Last Checkpoint, but it has to be called externally, for example by the Level Blueprint.

                        When you take a look at the demo map, you can also find this functionality in the Level Blueprint:

                        ‚ÄčClick image for larger version  Name:	Respawn.PNG Views:	1 Size:	25.2 KB ID:	1565908

                        Also it's very important that your terrain has the generate overlap / hit events opion checked, otherwise it cannot sense the vehicle.
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                          Hey, just bought your plugin and loving it so far. Quick question, any plans to implement banking on the track generator? I see that you can bank the splines but the generated track pieces don't bank. Am I not setting something up correctly or has this not been added?


                            Hi, I'm glad you like it so far. I'm not sure what you mean with banking, is it the roll of the spline track?
                            Spline roll is already working and will be featured in the next update, but only whilst the spline track is not aligned to the terrain. There are still some difficulties applying roll values from the editing spline to the terrain aligned one, since they both have different total length and the roll values wouldn't be applied correctly. I'm working on a solution for that too though, so roll values might be fully supported soon.
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                              Thanks for getting back to me so fast! When I said banking I meant the roll of the spline track. Good to hear you're adding it! I don't plan to be using the align to terrain feature much but that's neat you're trying to figure out rolls for that too. Any ETA on when the rolls will be supported (with or without terrain alignment)?
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                                I try to implement a few things by this weekend. Here is a quick list of updates and fixes in Update 2.0.3:
                                • Fix: When pressing 'F' to focus on a spline point, camera won't zoom out infinitely
                                • Improved: Respawn at last checkpoint shifted completely to the racing manager - resulting in a cleaner level BP
                                • Improved: Spline roll for non terrain aligned spline tracks (terrain aligned splines coming soon)
                                Let me know if you like to add something or feel that something is missing in the list above.

                                Because sheenweedy you mentioned it before, importing an updated package will override the current assets of the same kind, so I highly recommend moving modified assets to a seperate folder so that they remain safe. And don't forget to clone your project in the Epic Games Launcher before you make big changes like importing an updated package which your game depends on - it already saved me a lot of tears and frustration. : )
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