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Subtitles-based Lip Sync

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    We have purchased and utilized your plugin. Works fine in the engine, but does not activate when creating a build for the Oculus Go. Wondering if an additional step is necessary to get functionality on Android devices.


      Hi, I can't seem to get this plugin to work. I followed the video tutorial and the only major differences is I'm using composite phonemes rather than simple morph targets (I do have the "Use Composite Morph Targets" flag enabled) and I'm triggering the "Speak" function automatically after a delay rather than with a key press as is done in the video. Even still, audio doesn't even trigger with the "Speak" function, and audio works fine if I use the built in "Play" function. I do have the experimental audio plugin enabled. I'm on version 4.19.2.


        Hi everyone, Yuri,
        I do some test with the pluggin, it’s look like useful for me, but I have several questions.
        I’m using WWise on my project, not the unreal audio engine and I wondered which was the functions you use relative to the sound source file. I already see that you detect the sound amplitude to reflect on the weight of the shapes, detecting the pauses and some timing correction, but is there other things ?
        Do you think it could have an incompatibility with WWise system ?