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Weekly UT pre-alpha updates - Could do it be distributed using the marketplace?

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    Weekly UT pre-alpha updates - Could do it be distributed using the marketplace?

    On Wednesday's UT twitch Unreal Tournament: How to Play Our Game Today and Why You Shouldn't it was mentioned that the UT pre-alpha build was going to be updated on a weekly basis.

    What if this was done through the marketplace?

    • This would give the marketplace team an opportunity to step up and have to start dealing with the potential load that is going to occur during UT4's actual game release
    • Everyone would have to signup to the Epic Marketplace and then agree to EULA - This would get a lot more of the general public to the Epic Marketplace
    • Could individually sign each pre-alpha build (DRM) to check to see who is putting them up on torrent sites
    • Steve Polge mentioned that the UT team was quite stretched, so the MarketPlace team could carry the burden

    • This might not be on Marketplace's roadmap yet
    • DRM might be more effort than it is worth for pre-alpha
    • Additional work for Marketplace team

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    We're working to harmonize Unreal Tournament distribution and updating with Unreal Engine 4 distribution and updating. We were doing this at a nice comfy pace, but then the community picked up on it and has been playing it widely, so we're speeding this up so current players can get off the torrents and into official alphas that are better-tested and auto-updated. Don't worry, there won't be any DRM!