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    [RELEASED] FPS System

    so since this is my first post here and also my first submission and really a lot of firsts (first time blueprinting and animating), I'm gonna make this post a little less formal.

    Most interesting thing for you are the links, so here goes that.


    FPS System:

    SciFi Weapons:

    Demonstration Video:

    Showcase Video:

    Small Background:

    I usually just create hard surface models, but I wanted to see my guns animated and useable until I finally decided to learn some blueprinting. I had 0 knowledge about it and just followed the official tutorials, documentations, the discord chat and the great tutorials on youtube from guys like Mathew Wadstein, Sam Jones, Caleb Hooper, Jonas Mølgaard and SG Creation. So huge shoutout to them and you should check them out.

    Now, since this is my first time, I didn't want to go too big and do an entire system with Multiplayer and what not. Instead this is more focused on the essential features that are important for a first person shooter. But those should work flawlessly. Of course, people tend to underestimate the size of a project and so did I. It took me roughly 2-3 month to learn BP, animating and creating the weapons as well as experimenting. I have to say that blueprinting can be quite frustrating when you have something really simple in mind, but can't get it to work. But eventually you do and that's quite satisfying.
    I think this might be different from other FPS Blueprints, because I don't come from a scripting background. You see, what I often noticed is that the functionality was often there (like reloading adds bullets), but when you would apply actual animations this becomes janky or creates a whole new set of problems. But my blueprints are created with that in mind because I did the whole process from a-z. I think that you can see that it is working quite well in the Showcase video.

    I tried to make this as user friendly as possible so replacing the weapons and animations should be as easy as going to the Child_BP and switching files. So, this means that you don't need to have any experience with blueprinting. It's essentially Plug-n-Play. Please keep in mind that this is based on a custom rig (which you can get here) so mixamo animations won't perfectly work with it. Therefore, you can either create your own animations with this rig or use the UE4 rig.


    Simply add "FPS System" to your project and under "Word Settings" change "GameMode Override" settings to "FPS_Gamemode". Do the same in "Project Settings" - Maps & Modes.

    Under Input, import the axis and action mappings. Set the "Near Clip Plane" to 5.0

    Use the "tutorials" inside the content folder for more info.

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    1. "Please keep in mind that this is based on a custom rig (which you can get here) so mixamo animations won't perfectly work with it." - Other words I can't directly use some other animations like this for your custom rig. I will need complex retargeting for each bones one by one? Could you record the video where you apply some custom animation from thrid party asset to you custom rig? It's interesting how difficult will be this process.

    2. "I'll look into this and see how we can fix this. Basically, I did this to keep the price down." - How much will it cost with full animations & meshes?

    3. I see that you are very good at creation of hard surface. I mean what write blueprints aren't so difficult but creating your unique weapons with animations (with right UE4 Mannequin) that is what really in demand at least for me. That is why quite popular some sets like that. Kriss Vector created by you is very good. We want more such works


      1. Maybe I can look into it, but it might be a bit tricky. The rig has 1 more spine bone and differs with the arm twist helpers.

      2. Well it is down for now and I have to consider my options. Maybe I'll make a separate weapon pack.

      3. Thanks. Well for me its the exact opposite. Maybe I would need to take some coding classes, but blueprinting is pretty difficult for me. Sometimes, I just don't know how to approach certain problems or why I can't use certain steps. idk, but like I said in the top-post, it is rewarding.


        Updated the first post. This is now back up again.