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Performance Optimization for Dynamic Lighting (+ 30 to 60% FPS!)

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    You can find it searching the MP thou.

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    Sounds promising, but the link goes to a 404

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  • Performance Optimization for Dynamic Lighting (+ 30 to 60% FPS!)

    Hello Everyone,

    We have just released our first plugin on the Marketplace, a dynamic lighting performance optimizer tool.

    When working on our game, we noticed that Unreal Engine was doing a good job at culling meshes, but for lights, not so much.

    So we created our own solution, based on a portal system. It allows you to get + 30 to 60% FPS in your indoor levels using dynamic lighting, without any loss in terms of visual quality!

    You can have a look here:

    edit :
    V1.1 of the plugin has been released. The new update include all the advanced features you have been asking for!

    1) Added a way to exclude light components from system with "ExcludeFromPortalSystem" tag

    2) Added a way to rebuild system at runtime to support procedural levels

    3) Added a way to notify the system a light has moved (support for movable lights)

    4) Added a way to add new lights to the system during runtime

    5) Added the possibility to extend portal system from blueprints

    6) Support for UE 4.17

    We will release more performance optimization tools for Unreal Engine will follow if you like it
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