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Question concerning Meshes Submission Guideline 4. (1 texture tile must cover 1m)

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    Question concerning Meshes Submission Guideline 4. (1 texture tile must cover 1m)

    Hi guys, I was looking in the submission guidelines under Meshes, number 4 says - Assets must be UV mapped so that 1 texture tile must cover 1m in the game world.

    First of all I'm a big noob in the uv's area and I doubt I understand why we have this rule or what it really means so if I'm wrong could you please correct me and possibly give me a brief explanation on how correct uv's are supposed to be created because i'd like to abide by this rule but I have no idea how, right now I am assuming we have this rule so that tiled textures can tile correctly in terms of size/scale and if that's correct it may hurt my work flow cause I may create my uv's in a different mannar.

    In my personal workflow I don't really use tiled textures, and I don't create uv's with the intention of having them tilable. Instead I create textures & uv's that are very asset specific, like in the image below I have a door I made a long time ago with textures and uv's made specifically for this assets rather than using a tiled texture.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	361.4 KB ID:	1424704

    This is how texture and uv nearly all my meshes and I use this method because I can have a very specific overall look with details exactly where I want them and I'm sure there's many people who work this way too. If I were to submit content made in this manner to the market would it be accepted?

    Another quick unrelated question is can I use dynamic lighting on a very large demonstration map?
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