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Japanese Modular Temple

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    [RELEASED] Japanese Modular Temple

    The New Update is now available on the marketplace.

    With this pack you can customize the size and the look of your Japanese buildings.
    All materials are PBR.
    This pack also include demo maps where you can see how things could be assembled.
    This is not a full environment, the demo map do not contain foliage.

    Technical Details

    • Modular architectural elements
    • Japanese Traditional Props
    Texture Sizes:
    • 2 - 512x512
    • 2 - 2048x2048
    • 224 - 4096x4096
    Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
    Collision: automatically generated

    Vertex Count: 20 up to 25569 - 90 mesh under 2k - 22 meshes between 2k and 8k - 8 mesh over 10k
    LODs: Yes, automatically generated

    Number of Meshes: 120
    Number of Materials and Material Instances: 15 Materials - 81 Material Instances
    Number of Textures: 228
    Supported Development Platforms: Windows
    Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
    Documentation: No
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    Originally posted by bizioforte
    Any suggestion are well accepted.
    Like the work! The challenge for me is Blending this into a more built-up City map. For example.
    Just leaving this as feedback, or a suggestion to help shape your next Japanese pack. Cheers!


      Thanks for your feedback and support!
      You made a good point, I will take absolutely account of it.
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        Here is some more screenshots from the new update,
        More on the marketplace

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