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Sound Library submission - reviewers require Config folder & .upproject

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    Sound Library submission - reviewers require Config folder & .upproject


    We are submitting our first ever sound libraries to be sold on the marketplace, however, changes are needed and Config folder & .upproject are required??!!!

    Reviewer notes: Hello, I cannot move forward with the review process at the moment as the download files appear to be incomplete. We require that all projects have a Content folder, Config folder, and .uproject. Please update the project download link accordingly and resubmit the Seller Portal for further review. Thanks

    I can imagine they require all sounds in a content folder, containing the WAV, Cue files etc. Since we are new to Game Design i am wondering how to satisfy the other two required folders - Config folder & .upproject

    I am very new to Unreal engine so any help would be greatly appreciated.!

    Thank you.