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    I purchased this pack and paid $70. Now it is not in the store for download. So how do I get a refund from unreal when the pack sin't available even though I paid for it


      You should still be able to add it to a project if you own it. I've only disabled to ability to purchase it.

      In other news I am re making this pack to fix a lot of the issues that were made into the base animations and well as improve the animations themselves.


        The Pack will be available again soon!!

        I have remade all the animations in this pack to work with the default skeleton and will have a new version of the pack hopefully within the next week.
        After it is out I plan to add new animations to the pack over time. Some already planned and will add requested ones as well.

        This update will not have mirrored versions of the animations


          Pack is available again!
          Feel free to make any requests for new animations to add or ones that need fixing.
          I have several new animations planned already