Hello folks! After some problems I finally sent my Assets to the Epic for review
We are in the process of waiting for approval: D
Here are some screenshots I hope you will like!

8 main models
23 instances models
11 static mesh
Total 31 model
13 master material
31 material instace
80 textures (All 2048-2048)
UE4 (Uassets)
+ PSD and TGA (Targa) files included
UV Mapping = Yes
Unwrapped UVs = Overlapping
Multiplayer Opt= No
Polygon count varies from model to model! Not too much
Lods Lod0 | LoD1 | LOD2 | Lod3
Poly/Tria 6600/13000 | 4900/ 9600 | 3500/6900 | 2100/4200

Any problems regardless this assets or you have question contact as!
3xa Studio
On => Facebook ,Email