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Stylized rendering of hair brushwork

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    [GAUGING INTEREST] Stylized rendering of hair brushwork


    I wonder if many developers or artists would be interested in stylistic rendering of hair-brush. The rendering effects mainly focus on ink-wash painting style (Shui-mo or Sumi-e). I have the confidence to say the result is quite appealing, but I'm not sure if many people would like such a strongly eastern style.

    This work is based on my research work published in SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 technical briefs: Then, many improvements and new techniques have been deployed. So far, the technique can reach the result as the following image (rendered by our DirectX 11 demo program):
    Click image for larger version  Name:	BrushWorkX1080p.jpg Views:	1 Size:	580.8 KB ID:	1393330

    The performance cost is cheaper than the photo-realistic rendering mostly used in the current games. Moreover, the art requirement is totally same as the photo-realistic rendering (like PBR), and no extra art efforts are needed. Thus, this rendering style can be an optional rendering mode compatible with the standard rendering.

    Simple video clip:
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    Cool Effect! Do you have any videos of how it looks in motion?


      Glad to see such NPR work. You are an artist!


        Originally posted by JBernhelm View Post
        Cool Effect! Do you have any videos of how it looks in motion?
        I just recorded a simple one, as embedded at #1. The original link of YouTube is, max 1080p.


          Any idea on how close you are to getting this out? Looks fantastic!


            Do you have a tutorial to share