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    Rusty Beams - Support

    Rusty Beam Pack - summited (all most)

    A set of rusty beams perfect for old bridge construction sites, factory's or just blend in into any background, I have tried to design the assets to be as to be as robust as possible they work well with splines to bend the beams into any shape needed.

    Price - $9.99

    lest of assets
    I - beam wide (2 sizes)
    I – beam (2 sizes)
    c - beam
    slotted beam (2 sizes)
    roof beams

    Jointing brackets

    All the assets have a “paint version with color variation within UE4
    all beam triangle count range from 300 to 700 triangles
    brackets rage from 1000 - 1500 triangles
    all textures are baked at 4096x4096

    Other texture variations of assets on request (with in reason), I also want to add more assets to the pack so any suggestions are welcome and will be added to the pack on the next update,

    I crated this with a older pack that I was going to summit but it didn't have the ability to change the colour of the beams and the file size was about 3.7 gig zipped so I made some changes

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    Maybe some modern looking industrial stairways stairways


      Any ETA on when we can expect this in the marketplace?


        Originally posted by jojo8026 View Post
        Any ETA on when we can expect this in the marketplace?
        hi thanks for the relay I summited it yesterday so how ever long that process takes, made the mistake of crating it in 4.18 so I will probably crate a version in 4.10 this week. I like the idea of rusty stairs so I will do some test models week


          Originally posted by WeekendWarrior View Post

          hi thanks for the relay I summited it yesterday so how ever long that process takes, made the mistake of crating it in 4.18 so I will probably crate a version in 4.10 this week. I like the idea of rusty stairs so I will do some test models week
          4.18 is the latest release so you didn't make any mistake in submitting it, 4.10 came out years ago and is outdated so your good as far as I know and im glad you like my idea, the only other structural part of a house that I would suggest you think about making is maybe Fire Escapes, I roof being held up by metal beams that is on fire is only good if you can get out of the building lol


            From what I can tell and read people still developed on older version wether those people would buy this product I don't know, (wether anyone one will LOL) but it doesn't take to much time to crate this pack in 4.11 anyway. As for structural parts of a house that is on my list to add, most house are made out of timber, I made some timber mashers but I struggled to make them look any good, they ended up look like a square box with a with a timber material applied to it, or they looked cartoony when I made the high ploy in zbrush, so I need more practise with that.

            my plan with this pack is to keep adding to it, what I have pick up on is most when they release a pack and that's it, they are finished with it, then they released anther pack basically the same but version two, I guess my view is just because people buy version one doesn't mean they will but version 2 of the pack, maybe some people will but I think maximizing the sale of one pack is a better way to go. or ether that people just relace as little as possible,

            I have stated looking the stairs, I do have one problem, the height or how any stairs to make, my height might be alright for me but not for every one,


              If you know blueprints you could make it a blueprint and have people change how many stairs they want ETC, Like this asset did,


                I wasn't planning on making blueprints, I think a good blueprint is grate and bad blueprint is worthless, I think there is already some blueprints out there, I can design a mesh around that, I guess just make the mesh tillable


                  my pack is now live of the marketplace, any requests and most imported if any changes are needs please let me know

                  I have start on the stairs, the fist look and there ok, need to change the mesh material in between the stairs, and the metal material looks a bit same same.

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                    I have added so more content to the Pack some stairs and metal plates


                      Amazing work! Can't wait to get these and finish my building.


                        Hi All,
                        Thanks to the people that have purchased
                        my Pack
                        fist off I have been having trouble with my email and I was unable to recover it so I had to switch to anther email under my seller profile so if anyone sent me a email I might not have got it,

                        I am adding a scaffold set to the pack, as I go crating my own project I will add thing in, but if you can see any thing that would be handy I will have a look at it, alternatively I am thinking about if you have a model that you have and want to match the set I can also look at texturing it up if you want to send it to me and I can send you the textures back , some type of proof that you have the pack would be needed, but I can give it a try,

                        I am also started on a new texture set and I will add that in at some stage, it is more of a raw steel look


                          I have added some new Pics to the marketplace page. I wiped up a quick picture to show you guys how my assets blend into other assets,


                            Thanks to the Popole that have downloaded my pack, if anyone has used it in something let me know, I would love to check it out


                              Hello People
                              I am in process of uploading the Update to the Rusty Beams Pack,
                              - Fixed some labelling issues and cleaned up a lot of names of textures and mesh's so they match a bit better.
                              - there is also a change in the material, I have Fixed the rust layer to look a bit better. there is also a change in the paint layer, it has it's own normal and some scalars to change Paint colour Variation and add some bobbling affect that you can adjust the power to or not there at all.
                              - there is also anther Roof beam as well, but really I can be used for what ever you like.

                              - I have relabelled the Main Rusty Beams Folder from "RustyBeams" To "RustyBeams_V1" so if you have it installed already, It will install into a deferent folder so you can delete the old folder with out a mess of double assets every where, or just delete the update if you wish

                              - I crated some new variations of the rust layers that I beatup the edges in Zbrush but I left them out because I did think it was too much texture variations, if you want them in let them know and I can add them in next time.

                              - I am planning to redo the Scaffold Set and stairs as well to make it a less cumbersome once I have fished some other things, hopefully soon.

                              also if you have anything you would like to see added llet them know and I can see what I can do, all feed back welcome
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