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WM Input Manager / RAW&XINPUT&DIRECTINPUT Unified INPUT, Runtime Device Mapper -> Updated

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  • WM Input Manager / RAW&XINPUT&DIRECTINPUT Unified INPUT, Runtime Device Mapper -> Updated

    Click image for larger version  Name:	wm01.jpg Views:	3 Size:	304.0 KB ID:	1418048Click image for larger version  Name:	wm02.jpg Views:	2 Size:	302.5 KB ID:	1418049image_124817.jpgClick image for larger version  Name:	image_122506.png Views:	3 Size:	498.7 KB ID:	1410899
    Overview :

    Realtime visual RAWINPUT/XINPUT USB Device Manager. You can use any HID-Compliant Gamepads/Joysticks as your input device with the ability to visually use, remap, configure, debug, assign device to specific a player (PlayerController) during gameplay with pre-built UMG menus included in package.

    It detects controllers with visual events Plug&Play functionality implemented inside the manager. All Devices have their own memory which memorizes 2 device modes that the developer or player can configure during gameplay.

    If your device is plugged in it will automatically list your device in WM_InputManagerUMG & will read all possible inputs and give you an options list for you to easily remap or configure.

    Each WM_Controller Input key will list all ACTIONS in which they are used.

    Each device will automatically autodetect axis type on first connected. Detects if axes are pedals 0-1 range or -1 1 or inverted. Configure , sensitivity, deadzone with magnitude, "Auto/Reset" button for axes.

    You can make your own visual templates for SteeringWheel , FlightStick etc.

    ManagerUMG will list for you all used WM_Controller input keys with corresponding bound actions & combo options to pick target input path you wish.

    WM_InputUMG must be added to Viewport inside GameMode because you have global control over devices while configuring so don't do that in PlayerController if you are creating more local players.

    It is a perfect solution for Local Multiplayer Games to allow players to quickly assign device to specific a PlayerController.

    • players & developers can remap Device Input paths visually during gameplay(shipping = OK)
    • All Devices has 2 configuration modes saved in memmory using savefiles and folder (Saved/WMDeviceConfigurations/)
    • Each Gaming controller has predefined setup which will work for most of gamepads avaliable
    • Easy button remapping with just one click (HOLD&Press)
    • automatic Axis type detection when device is 1stTime connected or via "Auto/Reset" (will detect if you have pedals 0-1 axis) Awesome !
    • "LISTEN" for input
    • PlayerController device assigment (via widget for assigning controller with dpad controlls or arrow clicks)
    • Use multiple devices per player & combine their input (virtually build multicontroller)
    • Perfect for game which is designed for more local players on one computer (Combat games, cooperative, fight)
    • Sensitivity, DeadZone, Invert, isPedal config
    • no need for XInput & other device emulators.

    In Project settings->WM_Input_Manager_Settings you can change default axis sensitivity & default axis deadzone for all devices.

    True power of WM Input Manager is that developers don't need anymore to build big databases for different Gamepad/Joysticks. so end users , players can remap their devices during gameplay easily -> Just listen for input & its done. & can use , combine as many joysticks as they want to virtually build for example Racing Rigs, Simulation Rigs. Devices can be reassigned to specific player controller "PLAYER" on the fly via lightweight device assign UMG menu included.

    Developers may want to build their own UMG to fit their project design.. All UMG files included can be used instantly via few commands ->> see example project that can be downloaded on marketplace page of this plugin. Dont forget to swich example project to version U are just using. UMG files included also acts as documentation files for this product to easily build your own menu.

    If there will be any issue "hope not" or you have idea how to improove this product, feel free to contact Creator of this plugin at & I am ready to help & solve with anything operating or is related with WM Input Manager.

    Happy gaming & Thank You for supporting me by buying this product !!!

    Changes for last released version no. v1.12:
    - added automatic function to cancel device inputs when device was detached from system during runtime.
    - fixed little bug when when device was reassigned to different player controller id & some button values was'nt updated correctly.

    List of avaliable keys for WM Input Manager ("not showed on picture bellow") was expanded to :
    - number of HID Joystick buttons to 42
    - expanded number of HID Joystick axes to 20
    - number of HID Joystick DPads to 3
    - If anyone need to use more axes in your project ,, feel free to contact me & I will add more axes, buttons , dpads for you.

    Future version releases notes:
    * adding DirectInput wrapper to get full force feedback enabled devices support . (So, module will be Raw/Xinput/Directinput enabled).
    * for now to use force feedback controlls there will be need to use WM_PlayerController class included within this module , because default UE4 PlayerController class is calling their native force feedback functions continously or with little instructable which will be included in documentation to override PlayerController class function which is calling native ForceFeedback functions. Need to discuss with Epic Games if they will add ability to bypass their FF calls.
    * adding experimental support for 3D Connexion mouse & editor viewport controll binding for avaliable devices (in development)
    * nothing will drastically change,, so , everything will work as it worked until now,,,
    * will need some investments to get a few force feedback devices to test until release

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_125545.jpg Views:	1 Size:	264.1 KB ID:	1410898
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  • replied
    for those who is waiting for WM Input for 4.23 , it's comming in next few days, please be patient.

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    WM Input Manager version 1.12 for 4.22 has been uploaded and is live at Epic Marketplace.
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    WorkInProgress for next future release v 1.13 :
    - Adding DirectInput wrapper to get full FORCE FEEDBACK support
    for force feedback enabled devices.
    - Adding vibration controlls for XInput enabled devices.
    Force feedback & vibrations will be available to controll for each player & device independently via runtime user mapping simmilar to axis & button mapping.

    Plugin will be now Raw/Xinput/Directinput enabled ! (ALL_In_One)
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    Product has been updated to new version v1.12.
    - added automatic feature to cancel input events for forbidden , detached devices from system during gameplay.
    - fixed a little hidden bug,, some values sometimes wasnt changed correctly when reassigning device to specific playercontroller.
    - code cleanup & preparing for next versions which will include support for more types of devices than Joysticks&Gamepads
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  • replied
    WmInputManager has been updated to version v1.09

    - fixed throwing crash log when exiting game in shipping build.

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    version 1.08 is in pending file update.
    - added devices registration check to avoid devices not getting registered in some cases when multiple instances of UE4 are opened or instance of UE4 is closing in background while opening new instance
    - quick fix for version 1.07 where DefaultSensitivity was accidentaly swapped with DefaultDeadzone.

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    WM Input Manager is in pending update state to version 1.07 for engine versions 4.17,4.18 & also for latest UE 4.19. Please be patient until epic will test & review plugin for 4.19 & push it to be live.

    - fixed trouble found in v1.06, when device was connected, disconnected , changed settings or pressed button first time... it was triggering ON BUTTON RELEASED events for all HID Joystick Buttons.
    - plugin has extended to 42 Buttons Keys & 20 Axis Keys from previous 32 Buttons Keys & 12 Axis Keys to allow to use more complex device rigs.

    You can still enable this - > by going to ProjectSettings/WMInputManager Settins/ bENABLE_AUTO_BUTTONS_RELEASE = true;
    by Default it is set to -> disabled
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    Update v1.06 has been released

    Fixed bug when button press was unreliable, laggy, slow responsible , when you had two gamepads assigned to one player & on one of theese gamepad you did mapped button input to "NONE" & on second for example "FIRE"

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    New Update 1.05 is comming ,,
    -- "LISTEN" for Input feature for Quick & Easy device remapping
    -- solved small bug where device MODE1 was not remembered after editor or game restarts ( bug was known for version 1.04)
    -- updated UMG by checking buttons to be ISFOCUSABLE = FALSE by default to avoid some unwanted widget interaction with native UE4 XBOX360 input when remapping.
    Now, everything works properly
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  • replied

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    Updated to version 1.04
    - "LISTEN" for input -- for simpler, faster device mapping
    - now you can use Buttons only or Analog only devices for building rigs for example -> separate: Rudder Pedals device

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	wm02.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	302.5 KB
ID:	1418051Click image for larger version

Name:	wm01.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	304.0 KB
ID:	1418053 version 1.03 has been released with "LISTEN" for input feature,,,
    Attached Files

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    There is incomming update for 4.18 & future versions,,, which will make this plugin much simpler,, by adding "LISTEN" for Input.. you will be able to Map Action or Axis to your gamepad/joystick button/axis quick,fast & simple
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    Originally posted by Ralph_El Moon View Post

    Fixed Plugin versions has been updated to version 1.01 ,, in Launcher find installed plugins for your engine & update.

    Also,, could you please tell me what is your VisualStudio version ? Strange is that my VS is not getting theese errors when packaging for all types of builds(I know that category should be specified),,, or did you modified some settings for compilation ?... I am waiting for Epic feedback because usually Epic Marketplace Team will not pass product to be published with errors as they are testing products first. They are not accepting errors I believe . Thank You.
    I have version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3.

    Tried now with the update, and it works fine with no errors. Thanks!

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