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    [RELEASED] Voxel Fatansy Props

    Click image for larger version  Name:	VoxelFantasyProps__Thumb.png Views:	1 Size:	44.5 KB ID:	1378367

    The Pack is available on the UE4 Marketplace HERE:

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    Hello all,

    The Voxel Fantasy Props asset contains multiple themes of environments and characters to use in your levels.

    This asset is composed of multiple themed environments and characters made out of voxels with MagicaVoxel.
    These can be used as props in your levels, as placeholders or as sources of inspiration for your games and projects.

    The main themes are: Ice, Graveyard, Heaven, Underwater (Atlantis) . Each of the themes contain 10 environment props and 10 character props. The characters are static meshes therefore are not animated.

    Bellow is a list of the assets the pack contains:

    1. Environment: Throne, Tomb, Obelisk, Pillars, Pylon, Frost Soul, Ice Sword, Watcher, Weapon Rack, Skull Cave
    2. Characters: Frost King, Spider Queen, Golem, Berserker, Guard, Queen, Ice Worm, War Adviser, Dragon, Shaman

    1. Environment: Dead Whale, King Statue, Ship, Treasure, Chariot, Throne, Temple, Fountain, Underwater Cave, Vents
    2. Characters: Sea King, Hammer Head, Crab Soldier, Johnny Daves, Kraken, Sea Horse, Mermaid, Serpent, Underwater Soldier (2)

    1. Environment: Coffin Zombie, Coffin Skeleton, Simple Lamp Post, Double Lamp Post, Mausoleum, Obelisk, Skeleton Throne, Tombstones (3)
    2. Characters: Skeleton King, Death, Necromancer, Zombie (2), Skeleton Soldiers (3), Ghost, Vampire

    1. Environment: Throne, Light Gates, Harp, Altar, Fountain, Chariot, Demon Prison, Vase, Sword, Vase
    2. Characters: Angelic Guards (4), Maiden, King, Spirits (2), Construct, Wisdom Aspect
    Updates to come:
    Next theme will be Egypt.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions, feedback or you just want to share your opinion related to this kit.
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    Are the .Vox files includet do make T Poses for the Characters to animate them?