Hi! I happy to introduce you my system for character customization (like in Black desert online).

  • This is lightweight customization character system via only Blueprints
  • Can be extended for your purposes at any time - from creatures to weapons for example
  • All basic stuffs are made as simple as possible - add colors, tattos and other things takes only few steps
- UE mannequin compatible model
- Model is about 7000 tris
- All code is in bluerints
- Skin, eyes and cosmetics customization
- Very simple integration workflow
- No blendshapes - only bones deformations are used
- Moving/scaling modes (fully ajustable - for every bone you can adjust translation/scaling limits, scaling mode - uniform or not, cursor speed to reach max/min values)
- Can be used for absolutely different kinds of models(from weapon to aliens)for example
- Number of Blueprints: 24 (14 of them are widget Blueprints)

As soon as possible there will be some important, free of charge updates, like basic hair pack and sliders support.


Good day!