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Realtime muscle system

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    so does that now work in real-time in the engine? meaning if I modify the arm animation with layered blending or IK the little bones will still behave according to local movement?


      Of course... That is the main idea...

      There are only three driver bones as you can see


        As overreal said:
        Originally posted by overreal View Post
        Interested!. You need a demo like this
        - that is right)

        Ok, it's time to challenge - ) Here is start scene without any corrections at all - as you can see there are some weird deformations in the elbow/shoulder/knee areas.. So, I'll try to fix that, and not only that.

        P.S. Please, exuse me for the framerate - suprisingly, my pc decide to update himself )
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          So, first of all I decide to fix twist bones rotations... I think animators won't give it much thought.. So I make stuff which let rotate any bone with another bone by alpha value... Here is short sample:

          Next step - knee area..
          (I just understand it is not muscle for now, but this things are necessary, however)


            Good news, ladies and gents. Work still is in progress, and, as I promisse earlier - I started to work on the knee area. Here are some results, I've reached for now:

            I don't think that is perfect, but it seems I heading in the right direction. Cheers.
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