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Hundreds of New Packs Available in September!

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    Hundreds of New Packs Available in September!

    Hello Marketplace Community,

    In an effort to make the Marketplace experience better for everyone long term, we've been implementing systems to expedite the publishing process, which has led to an influx of packs. At the same time, we had a bug that didn't properly display all the new assets. We don’t want you to miss out on all the great new content that’s available, so we wanted to let our community know that there's almost three hundred new packs now available on the marketplace.

    Moving forward, vendors will have a streamlined process for publishing their assets and developers will see a steadier stream of content to consider for their projects. We're working hard to make the Marketplace a great experience for all members of our community and we appreciate your support.


    The Marketplace Team

    We've compiled a list of all the packs that came online in September that didn't have the correct dates. We've listed them below in the order that they went live on the Marketplace.

    Xeno Runes: Alien Alphabet UMG and Decal Series

    Black Fang Technologies

    If you need extra atmosphere to make an environment feel truly alien, this pack is for you. Includes 65 rune images, all imported from 512 by 512 pixel .png files. Also includes a decal actor and blueprint widget that each convert text into rune images.

    Xeno Glyphs: Alien Alphabet UMG and Decal Series

    Black Fang Technologies

    If you need that extra touch to make an environment feel truly alien, this pack is for you. Includes 65 glyph images, all imported from 512 by 512 pixel .png files. Also includes a decal actor and blueprint widget that each convert text into glyph images.

    Ten Stylish Staffs and Wands

    Raven Loh

    Including 5 Staffs, 5 Wands and Modular mesh(648 possibility weapon) assembling blueprint that come with Hiqh Quality textures



    RMAMirrorAnimation offers an easy way to mirror animations without coding.

    Frozen RPG Weapons: Ice and Snow

    Black Fang Technologies

    This is a pack of eight weapons imbued with the power of ice. The weapons are as follows, bow and arrow, ninjato, sai, claw gauntlet, scythe, sword, cleaver, and spiked shield. Each weapon has a blueprint with mist effects.

    Ambient and Environment SFX Pro


    The Ambient and Environment sound effects pack features 23 high quality SFX


    Berker Aydin

    Crypto is a custom sports car with character interaction that you can use it in your projects.

    Ultra Map (Ultimate Minimap System)

    Marek Artist

    A mini map system inspired by most popular video games. It offers point, area and path rendering with lots of customization settings changeable at runtime. Renders in circular, rectangular or any shape defined by vertices.

    Ancient Statues


    A set of 6 AAA-quality Statues based on photogrammetry. Every Statue comes with three different Materials: Marble, Bronze and Copper.

    Simple UPNP Plugin

    Woods Shin

    Simple UPNP Plugin is code plugin to make you easy to add and delete UDP/TCP port mapping on network devices which are compatible with UPNP Protocol.

    Forest Trees Plants and Grass

    Dragon Motion

    This content is part of the content Forest Trees Plants and Grass for Games and includes all plants, environmental elements, birds, landscape material, spline elements and customization system.

    Energy Weapons SFX


    The Energy Weapons and EMP sound effects pack features 20 high quality SFX

    Ladder System

    Immortal Hand Studios

    Ladder Movement Component


    Vlad Serbanescu

    A plugin which provides complete Steamworks integration for both C++ and BP.

    Necro's Rock Box


    Quality rocks perfect for complementing outstanding environments!

    Adventure UI


    Adventure UI art pack. This set includes: buttons, icons, framework, checkbox, etc.

    Greenwood Fantasy Village


    Modular flexible set of stylized 3D-models, materials and particles in a cute fairytale style.

    Old Catacombs


    Old Catacombs - is a modular environment designed to create different interior scenes in the ancient setting

    Fantasy World 3 music pack - Resubmission in Review


    Collection of 13 music tracks for your Fantasy and other games. 6 complete music tracks up to 3 minute length. 7 additional tracks for game intro, cut scenes like prepare for battle and death scenes. By Gabor Lengyel composer.

    Atmospheric Gas Station


    A gas station for all your gas station needs!

    User Interface Sounds & Music


    Pack of UI menu sounds and game upscreens. Bonus: music loops.

    ALLPACS Drone/Quadcopter & Helicopter Kit Flying Pack


    This pack provides a set of customizable drones based on popular consumer models, with arcade-style controls that include animations, multiple camera perspectives, multiplayer and VR support, and an object pickup system.

    Block builder


    Build blocks in first person.

    Fantasy Badges


    A set of 35 hand drawn fantasy badges.

    GUI Icons


    This set includes 100 unique icons.


    Junnichi Suko

    This is a Jerboa's 3D model and animations.

    Retro Gaming

    Mabus Tech

    Music pack featuring 15 retro inspired sounds

    Storage House Set

    Alexander Sychov

    “Storage House Set” contains all essential objects for creating believable and detailed warehouse interior environments with a modular approach and photorealistic look, giving you an enjoyable experience while building levels for your game.

    Electronica Music Pack

    Michael La Manna

    Electronica Music Pack includes seven seamless looping electronic tracks perfect for space shooter and racing games.

    Particles and Wind Control System

    Dragon Motion

    This content is part of the content Forest Trees Plants and Grass for Games" and includes all particles and a wind control system for particles."

    Have A Sit Animation Pack


    Over 100 animations with 27 different sitting poses that can be blended together to make many more

    Location Toolkit

    Cerise Software

    Assets and tools to support your geographic location projects.

    Cute Romantic Music Pack 2

    W.O.W Sound

    7 Music with variations , 7 music stingers and 13 SFXs (UI, Sparkles & more)!

    Desert Temple Smashy Craft Series

    Bitgem 3D

    Modular level building kit for toon style desert and temple environments.

    Colors of Fantasy Rocks


    Simple and stylized rock pack.

    Forklift Pack

    Gabro Media

    A detailed, interactive forklift model with a collection of industrial props.

    Fat Zombie

    Code This Lab

    Detailed low-poly zombie model

    Material Functions Kit


    Create unique effects and shaders using the new Material Functions.

    Mission Control/Hacker Voice Pack

    Tamara Ryan

    Two voice types that will cover your Mission Control/Hacker character needs. A voice that guides the player through the levels, helps them get past security doors, and keeps track of the players movements.

    Tombstone PACK

    Barinov Yuriy

    High quality pack, for the creation landscape.

    QA Modular Parking


    Completely modular solution with 100+ objects, that allows you to build a parking underground with any number of floors.

    HDR Lights Studio Pack

    iOcus Rise

    HDR Lights Studio Pack offer 65 HDR high quality images, ideal for studio lighting, providing a sharp reflection creating more interesting look in the final render.

    Arcs and Sparks


    A collections of sparks, arcs and bolts for your electrical VFX needs.

    Colors Of Fantasy Trees


    Collection of stylized and colorful trees.

    Stylized Mud

    Sergey Gritsenko

    PBR material with high resolution (2048x2048): 40 cracked soil.

    More Xeno Glyphs: Alien Alphabet UMG and Decal Series

    Black Fang Technologies

    If you need that extra touch to make an environment feel truly alien, this pack is for you. Includes 65 glyph images, all imported from 512 by 512 pixel .png files. Also includes a decal actor and blueprint widget that each convert text into glyph images.

    Pass:By - Trains, Trucks and Cars


    This sound pack is a composite collection of passing by (Suburban-, Passenger-, Freight-) Trains, Trucks and Cars that I recorded throughout the year 2016 on various freeways and railroads.

    Flight Locomotion

    Excalibur Studios

    Take to the skies with over 40 basic locomotive flight animations! More will come soon!

    Body Attributes (RPG & Survival Kit)

    Yaki Studios

    Body Attributes allows you to control attributes like health, intelligence, strength, dexterity, hunger and thirst.

    Generic Interaction Component

    Gamemakin LLC

    Easy to extend old-school 'Press E to Interact' component system.

    Tale of Two Sisters Music Pack - Dark Mystery

    W.O.W Sound

    7 Music, 7 Music stingers and Jingles, 28 SFXs

    Modern Furnitures Vol 01


    This is a collection of modern furnitures that you will need for architecture visualizations. All of them are low polygon models with maximum 1200 polygons.

    Gym Environment

    Erhan Yilmaz

    A gym scene with various sports equipment.

    TCG Card Design


    Five different kinds of original TCG card design for your collecting card game.

    Infinite Item Generator

    Sly Fox Studios

    The ultimate solution to generate limitless item variations in just a few easy steps

    Sci-Fi Crime Scene

    Kokokazs Collective

    Create the perfect investigation environment with numerous sci-fi gadgets, environment pieces, decals and splines at your disposal.

    Footstep VR Component

    Pavel Ksenofontov

    Footstep VR Component uses neural network with information about the movement of the HMD Device to detect the user's steps. The component allows you to play the sound of the user's steps inside the virtual space.

    Perth Island

    Hasbull Studio

    Preview :

    Viking Swords Pack 1

    victor almenara

    Amazing set of 5 low-poly realistic viking swords, which include PBR textures 2048x1024 resolution. Fully detailed, perfect for close-ups.

    GameTextures Old Metal Pack

    A pack of 15 high quality Old Metal instanced materials powered by substance and made by hand at All of them utilize the powerful substance plugin by Allegorithmic and come with all the power and control you expect from a substance.

    Warehouse Prop Pack

    Dragonsmist Studios

    A set of props used for filling your warehouse. A modular warehouse rack systems with plywood or wire shelving. Includes a construction script to stack boxes, pails, etc. to aid in filling pallets.

    Arch Viz Fixtures Vol 1

    Infuse Studio

    Sinks, Faucets, Lights, and Ceiling Fans of all kinds to fill out your Arch Viz scene. By Infuse Studio

    Polymodels Cars vol. 02


    PolymodelsCars Vol. 2 includes 6 fully rigged customisable cars with drivers with follow spline and collision prevention functionality. Each rigged car and static mesh car has 3 LODs. Fully ready for integration in the desktop or mobile UE4 game (project)

    Radio System And Music Player System


    This package includes a Radio system which controls as many radio stations as you want playing a choice of songs, dj tracks and ads, or a combination of them. Also included is a music player system used for things like jukeboxes or cassette players.

    Fidget Spinner Set

    Bunno pen

    Contains 6 Fidget Spinner. You can edit material color, roughness, normal intensity. These caps of fidget spinners are removable.

    Fantasy Potion Bottles

    Polygon Rogue

    Eleven hollow bottles, with customizable glass and liquid color materials. Create all manner pots or potions of health, magic, pulchritude, strength, or skill. Includes free table and table top shelfs!

    Realistic Ocean Simulator


    This is an implementation of a realistic and highly customizable ocean simulation. This simulation can transition from calm to stormy ocean conditions very easily and each keyframe can be customized individually.

    Short Modular Scify Hallway


    A short modular Scify Hallway with layered Materials, Textures are 4096x4096

    Explorers Survival Kit and Tools

    Edward Hanley

    A selection of items and tools that any explorer or survivalist would need to help them stay alive!

    Modular industrial platform

    Barinov Yuriy

    High quality modular pack, for the creation industrial landscape.

    Advanced Marker Kit


    This pack can customize the HUD and show markers of your own actors, and fully support single and multiplayer, can be used in both games and interiors to indicate objects automatically. You can simply drag and drop components of this pack and play around.

    VectorField Builder

    W3 Studios

    This is volume 2 of the 50+ vector fields pack previously released. The Builder series aims at a modular and visual approach in organizing emitters to quickly find the look you are seeking. The possibilities are endless in the ways to use vector fields.

    FPS Weapon P08

    Deadghost Interactive

    High quality weapon with 4K texture, animations, LODs and FX.

    Automatic Cliff Function

    James Stone

    This is an automatic cliff and wall function, that has alpha mask blending and intensity options

    Concrete Materials

    David Zygmunt

    A collection of seamlessly repeating concrete materials, including customizable painted instances.

    Skate Park

    Roman Stets

    The Skate Park pack is a set of 60+ assets, to create your skate park

    Modular Fantasy House

    Next Level 3D

    Modular Fantasy House is a high quality pack for creating different medieval or fantasy scenes.

    Natural Rock and Stone Material Pack

    Natural Rocks and Stones Materials and Textures

    Natural Rocks and Stones PBR Materials

    Coins Icons


    A set of 40 hand drawn Coins Icons.

    Cinematic Loops

    Rene Breitbarth

    10 seamlessly looping cinematic orchestral songs. Each piece stays in it´s specific mood. Useful to enhance any Action, Adventure, RPG or Horror game.

    Realistic Gun & Pistol Pack


    Pack of different handgun sounds.

    Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle

    Jonathon Frederick

    Discounted bundle for getting started on scifi projects in UE4. Includes the first 5 packs of the Modular SciFi Series, along with an exclusive environment showcasing how to utilize all packs in one scene. $60 in savings!

    Open World Survival Food Pack

    Ironbelly Studios Inc

    AAA quality Open World Survival food pack with meat, fish, fruit and more

    Low Poly Basic Bullet Pack


    A low poly bullet pack for any game

    Modern Bedroom

    Next Level 3D

    High quality bedroom pack with 45 objects.

    Fantasy World Music pack


    Collection of 13 music tracks for your Fantasy and other games.

    POLYGON - City Pack

    Synty Studios

    Synty Studios Presents - POLYGON - City Pack. An urban city themed asset pack.

    Seamless Walkway Material Pack 107

    Holochip Graphics

    Highly customizable walkway materials with seamless textures. The pack includes a set of 25 material instance versions for windows/console, and an additional set of 25 material instance versions for mobile devices.

    Seamless Plaster Material Pack 105

    Holochip Graphics

    Highly customizable plaster materials with seamless textures. The pack includes a set of 25 material instance versions for windows/console, and an additional set of 25 material instance versions for mobile devices.

    Seamless Metal Material Pack 104

    Holochip Graphics

    Highly customizable metal materials with seamless textures. The pack includes a set of 25 material instance versions for windows/console, and an additional set of 25 material instance versions for mobile devices.

    Seamless Marble Material Pack 103

    Holochip Graphics

    Highly customizable marble materials with seamless textures. The pack includes a set of 25 material instance versions for windows/console, and an additional set of 25 material instance versions for mobile devices.

    Primitive weapons pack low po

    Kouza Corp

    Five Primitive weapons low poly

    HG Sci-Fi Decals

    Hotgates e.U.

    800+ fully customisable Sci-Fi Decals designed with ease of use and scalability in mind.

    LAN Third Person Shoot Game


    This is LAN third person shoot game project in UE4. Players can host game, search game, join game and choose two teams to fight with other players.

    Sci-Fi Interface Sounds

    Rene Breitbarth

    204 computer interface sound effects for Sci-Fi games or anything that features a console / menu at some point. Inside you´ll find boot, button, wosh, error and sequence sounds (Titles only suggest usage).

    Fantasy World 4 Music pack


    Collection of 12 music tracks for your Fantasy and other games.

    Fantasy World 2 music pack


    Collection of 13 music tracks for your Fantasy and other games.

    Rock Asteroids of ASTRO construction kit

    Szantai Istvan

    Eight unique rock asteroids.

    DevTon Archviz Materials Vol 9

    DevTon Studio

    36 Materials with 103 seamless 4k textures.

    Bricks and Debris Pack

    Mikolaj Spychal

    This pack contains 12 high quality, realistic old bricks and debris models based on photogrammetry data.

    Procedural Landscape Ecosystem

    Gokhan Karadayi

    Only in 10 minutes you can create your own AAA game ecosystems.


    Easy as Fork

    JOBAK is a game ready, rigged and animated character!

    Post Apocalyptic Forge Volume 1

    Facetious Creations

    The first collection of bladed weaponry from various eras and cultures given a post-apocalyptic theme.

    Quadcopter Control System

    NSMT Protospace

    This blueprint system features a comprehensive physics based quadcopter control system. It includes 4 flight modes typical of real world quadcopter flight systems. Learn to fly a quadcopter!

    Tornado Blueprint


    A tornado blueprint that interacts with physics objects, skeletal and destructible meshes in your scene.

    Landscape Brushes

    W3 Studios

    Over 150 brushes to use for landscape sculpting and painting. Quickly add details to your blend layers with our library of alpha brushes.

    Low Poly Series - Landscape

    Stoolfeather games

    Stoolfeather Games presents - Low Poly Series: Landscape. A stylized low poly art pack.

    FPS Knife Pack


    This pack contains 5 AAA quality game ready meshes and 10 texture sets for your Unreal FPS project.

    Low Poly Series - Caverns

    Stoolfeather games

    Stoolfeather Games presents - Low Poly Series: Caverns. A stylized low poly art pack.

    Floating Island Environment

    Anil Isbilir

    A floating continent scene with landscape, vegetation, simple rock meshes and alien ruins.

    Tulski Tokarev 33 Pistol (TT 33)

    Timofey Azhozhoev

    A highly authentic AAA model of a famous soviet semi-automatic pistol, perfect for FPS games.



    Package for creating underground levels

    Survival Icons Pack


    A set of 115 Survival Icons.



    This project is a drum machine template with added effects for developers interested in music production and synchronizing visual effects to music.

    Detailed Paintings by Nan Yar

    Jonathan Van Damme

    Collection of 5 detailed abstract paintings, each with 4 to 6 color variations.

    Forest Glade Set


    A collection of five trees and ten rocks made with photogrammetry. The rocks and trees can use vertex colors to remove or add detail textures, as well as add grass on top or give the appearance of being wet. All assets include a LOD mesh.

    Casual Mood

    Mabus Tech

    Music pack for creating casual games

    Looping Fire FX


    Assorted looping fire fx, smoke fx, and ember fx. Includes 20 particle systems and 22 different fire and smoke flipbooks.

    Sci Fi Texture Pack

    Garth Hendy

    The pack contains 138 instanced materials, 7 master materials, 281 textures. Comes with a few modular models and props to get you going.



    An axe and shield wielding game-ready warrior inspired by viking legend ready to raid and slay enemies in your games.

    Advanced Magic FX 15


    This package has star, edge, flare, spark and others effects.

    Seamless Concrete Material Pack 102

    Holochip Graphics

    Highly customizable concrete materials with seamless textures. The pack includes a set of 25 material instance versions for windows/console, and an additional set of 25 material instance versions for mobile devices.

    Decorative colored glass

    Anastasia Myasnikova

    PBR material with high resolution (2048x2048): 43 colored glass.

    Ultimate Top Down Tactics

    Joseph Griggs

    Ultimate Top Down Tactics is the best starting point for creating your own top down tactics game. With the use of the engine's long list of customizable settings you can adjust how the game plays, until you achieve the user experience you desire.

    Animal Sounds

    Gamemaster Audio

    Animals Sounds is a fun and one of a kind animal sound library. It contains a massive 1212 sound effects and consists of both studio recordings and on location nature recordings.

    Auto Settings


    Auto Settings is a comprehensive and highly configurable game options and input binding toolkit that supports a range of functionality that is standard in modern PC and console games.

    AK Prototype Animated FPS Rifle

    Alexander Bezdelov

    High quality Assault Rifle with 4K textures, fully animated / rigged arms using Epic Skeleton.

    Warehouse Pallets Collection

    Alexander Sychov

    A large collection of various warehouse pallets. Each asset is easily customizable with PBR and color options. Use these high quality assets to enrich your Warehouse and Industrial environments.

    Interior doors

    Omega S

    Six various doors for architectural visualization. Six different wood materials for the objects.

    Common Treasure Chest


    Common treasure chest with rewards.

    Match3 Art Pack


    A complete set of graphical to build Match-3 game. All in high quality.

    Skulls and Bones

    Stefan Ivanov

    Skulls and Bones is a pack that you can use for adding extra details in your game. Very easy to use, just drag and drop in your scene.

    Modular Overgrown Village Buildings

    Matima studio

    A collection of high fidelity, abandoned, broken wood and brick buildings, rocks and foliage. Can be used to create ruined, run-down structures with vibrant vegetation.

    Amusement Park Props


    Amusement Park Props Pack contains different varieties of props and store building for Park, Street, and Amusement Park elements

    Mayan Temple

    Bitgem 3D

    Get started on your next jungle scene quickly with this low poly, hand painted Mayan Temple starter set.

    Universal Music Collection

    MuzStation Game Music

    BIG LIBRARY (6 Packs, 30 Tracks + Loops) of High Quality music! Low price!

    Modular Industrial Pipe Pack 01

    iOcus Rise

    Modular Industrial Pack, offer 62 meshes, ideal to decorate abroad variety of environments, like industrial or sci-fi.

    City exterior materials

    Gnarly Potato

    A collection of 66 tiling materials for city exterior

    Phoenyx Anim Pack 5

    Black Phoenyx

    20 Animations for Epic skeleton.



    This Pack is composed of 10 Lamps wich has their own Low Poly version and High Poly version.

    Ruben Leon x Rumble (Ambient Deep Trance Music)

    Ruben Leon

    6 Full Length Tracks + Looped Versions

    MGW Soundtrack

    Mechanics Mechanics

    The soundtrack for the game.



    Here is Hobgoblin, this ugly looking creature has some devastating attacks. It’s perfect to populate your Heroic Fantasy project.


    Mechanics Mechanics

    Magic SoundFX consists of 110 different sounds.

    Antique Figurines

    Sergii Kurbatov

    5 stylized ancient figures-idols in 2 materials: woob and metal.

    Mining Tools Pack


    Pack containing several mining tools, ore types and modular props

    Seamless Wood Material Pack 106

    Holochip Graphics

    Highly customizable wood materials with seamless textures. The pack includes a set of 25 material instance versions for windows/console, and an additional set of 25 material instance versions for mobile devices.

    Basketball Assets

    Stefan Ivanov

    Basketball assets as a base for a basketball game.

    Historical Mace Pack

    Iskra Game Studio

    A set of 12 realistic maces from medieval and early modern period.

    Container Yard Environment Set

    Denys Rutkovskyi

    Container Yard set contains variations of sea port containers with different material colors and port assets to create variable environments.

    Fantasy Cave Environment Set

    Denys Rutkovskyi

    Game ready Fantasy Cave with detailed sculpts for rocks, environments, architecture pieces and very detailed sarcophagus asset

    Dynamic Targeting

    Grzegorz Szewczyk

    Dynamic Targeting is customizable system occuring in games like Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda and many others, allowing you to focus camera on any actor in the game.

    Mega Taunt Animation Pack


    100 animations 50 Taunts and 50 Looping poses

    Upgradeable Improvised Weapons

    Gleb Donskikh

    Baseball bats, swords, spears, and shields. Meant for use as upgradeable weapons. 2K textures, custom collision, blood masks for all items.

    Historical Axe Pack

    Iskra Game Studio

    A set of 12 realistic axes from medieval and early modern period.

    Terrain Starter Pack

    Painkiller's Works

    Terrain Starter Pack is a set of textured meshes of trees, rocks, flowers and rocks, heightmaps and a procedural terrain material to help quickly start with terrain development.

    Alien Sound Effects


    Collection of 47 excellent sound effect files for use in a lot of areas of your game.

    City Alley Props

    Nikolai Haidl and Rene Bulla

    The City Alley Prop Set contains unique assets for filling up an alley. The set consists of 23 high quality meshes with proper materials.

    City Street Props

    Nikolai Haidl

    The City Street Prop Set contains unique assets for filling up a street. The set consists of 23 high quality meshes with proper materials.

    City Park Props

    Nikolai Haidl

    The City Park Props Set contains different public benches and trash cans for filling up a park or spice up a city scene.

    Lowpoly Style Winter Environment

    CH Assets

    Build your own snowy villages or freezing tundra landscapes with this pack in no time!

    Medieval Props Pack


    High quality medieval props

    Ultimate River Tool


    Boost your outdoor production using powerful river tool and high quality photorealistic forest setting. All assets you need to make wonderful nature levels!

    Desert Town Smashy Craft Series

    Bitgem 3D

    This is a modular construction kit for a toon style desert town

    Footsteps Pack 2

    Mechanics Mechanics

    Footsteps Pack 2 consists of 280 single sounds and 64 seamless loops.

    Sword Fighting Ultimate SFX


    The Sword fighting Ultimate sound effects pack features 54 high quality SFX: Sword hit sword, sword hits flesh, blunt weapons hit flesh, shield bash and more. A must have for any game featuring medieval style combats!

    Debris Rubble Kit

    Mesh Magnet

    A modular debris / rubble kit. Great for construction sites, military games, garage, storage, factory areas, vacant lots in a city etc.

    Game BGM Collection Vol.1

    pOn Studio

    The genre includes fantasy, battle, action, and RPG style music.

    Dynamic Rusting Metal Materials

    Thomas Capstick

    This material pack contains 10 unique PBR Materials, each can be rusted individually to your choosing.

    Medieval Stronghold Architecture

    Wolven Digital

    Medieval Stronghold Architecture pack contains everything you need to build your very own stronghold. Pack includes interior/exterior architectural modules plus goodies like furniture, vertex-paintable materials, and canvas for artists.

    Dynamic Picture Frames

    Rodrigo Villani

    Resize the frame without borders distortion, set style, thickness, colors and more!

    Metal Shelves


    Useful metal shelves and boxes to create a warehouse with no effort.

    Driveable Cars Basic Pack

    Digital Dive Studio

    GTA style driveable cars for Unreal Engine 4, including three basic models (Hatchback, Sedan and SUV), each one with four LOD levels and unique properties.

    Kinaski Mega Rock Generator

    John Kinaski

    Introducing the Mega Rock Material Generator. A great tool to create you own unique rock materials with water and moss. Also contains 25 Prerendered Non Substance 4k materials.

    Photo Scanned Rock Pack 4

    Scanning Reality

    A variety of 10 different rocks types photographed in studio and constructed using photogrammetry, perfect for Game Development and Architectural Visualization.

    Retro 8Bit Sounds

    Gamemaster Audio

    Retro 8 Bit Sounds is a perfect collection of 1001 retro game sound effects.

    Slow Puzzle and Strategy Music Pack


    A collection of five slow paced background music tracks for strategy & puzzle games.

    Sharurs Side Scroller Dungeon vol1


    Side scroller fantasy dungeon set. Over 130 assets, that you can use to create awesome stylized environments!

    8BIT Action Game Loops

    MuzStation Game Music

    8-BIT, retro, arcade music!

    Zombie Male


    Zombie male - Character

    Procedural SciFi Panels

    Sergei Tsokalo

    Pack of unique and highly detailed SciFi meshes with customizable PBR procedurally generated textures.

    Open World Camping Pack

    Ironbelly Studios Inc

    AAA quality Open World Camping Pack with food, gear, tools and more

    Lava Desert Landscape

    MAWI United GmbH

    Highly detailed 400 square kilometer photorealistic lava desert landscape. Includes modular lava rivers/lakes, slopes, rocks, plants, lava/sand particle FX and much more. All materials modular and highly tweakable, can easily be customized or extended.

    Vive Mocap Kit

    Yuri N Kalinin

    Using SteamVR tools for real-time motion capture

    Basic Toon Shader Kit

    BesuBaru (Bryce Quintin)

    This basic toon shader kit allows you to implement toon shading in your projects easilly using Material Instances, and can easily be extended with new features via Material Functions.

    Interactive Foliage


    Enables you to be interactive with your Foliage.

    Uber Substance Pack

    Kenn T Edwards

    Highres PBR material set tileable and seamless

    Colossal Game Music Collection


    The Colossal Game Music Collection includes 11 high-quality music packs for an incredibly low price.

    First Person Archery


    First Person Archery Blueprints.



    This pack includes a set of 7 animals ready to populate your forest environment.

    POLYGON - Samurai Pack

    Synty Studios

    Synty Studios Presents - POLYGON - Samurai Pack. A Fantasy themed asset pack.

    Seamless Fabric Material Pack 109

    Holochip Graphics

    Highly customizable fabric materials with seamless textures. The pack includes a set of 25 material instance versions for windows/console, and an additional set of 25 material instance versions for mobile devices.

    Seamless Asphalt Material Pack 108

    Holochip Graphics

    Highly customizable asphalt materials with seamless textures. The pack includes a set of 25 material instance versions for windows/console, and an additional set of 25 material instance versions for mobile devices.

    Destruction System

    Michal Orzelek

    100% Blueprint based templates that allow you to quickly setup an interactive destruction with physics support.



    Create TCP Server Or TCP Client, it's Your choice.


    Mabus Tech

    Music pack for the dark, the macabre and the creepy

    Hand Painted FX Starter Pack

    Antonio Sanchez

    This package includes unique hand painted textures. (Including: Lightning, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Ice, Plant and Spark. Guaranteed to help get your next big project on the right track.


    kidong Kang

    This sound pack was created zombie voices sound concept.

    Redwood Forest Collection

    MAWI United GmbH

    All assets you need to build a photorealistic giant sequoia forest. High resolution models and textures of mountain redwood trees, rocks, debris, plants and more. All materials a highly tweakable, including dynamic water material and custom wind system.

    Post-Apocalyptic Scrapyard

    Facetious Creations

    The First collection of both modified and unmodified makeshift weaponry given a post-apocalyptic theme.



    Package for creating sewerage levels

    Desert Music 2


    Collection of 10 excellent music tracks for your games.

    Desert Music pack


    Collection of 11 excellent music tracks for your games. All files are 44Khz, 16 bit, stereo. Pack have 6 main tracks for game battles and 5 files for cut scenes and intro.

    Ambient Music


    Ambient music pack with 15 music tracks ideal for ALL game genres. Use tracks for intro, cut scenes, level-play scenes. Slow ambient tempo ensures to your game players great joy during play.

    Twinblades Animset Base

    WeaponMaster Animset

    This is a set of 27 animations for Twinblades.

    Weather Tool

    James Stone

    Highly modifiable easy to use weather system with, Rain, Snow, Hail, Lightning, Sound Effects, and Onscreen Post Process.

    Binary Code - Interface Sound Effects

    Sound Response

    576 interface sound effects including the vast selection of quality beeps, data processing/calculations and typing sound FX

    Horror Bunker

    MacKenzie Shirk

    A dark, atmospheric bunker deep underground

    TV Pack

    Roman Stets
    This asset package contains models of several TV sets.

    Monk Animation Set


    50 animations for Monk & High Monk.

    Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons

    Gamemaster Audio

    This package contains 287 high quality Sci-Fi sound effects. Covering ambiences, general sounds and weapons.

    Magic and Spell Sounds

    Gamemaster Audio

    Magic and Spell Sounds is a professionally designed sound library covering many types of magic and spells.

    Cartoon UI


    Cartoon UI includes: buttons, icons, framework, checkbox, etc.

    Magic Chests


    Set of 10 hand drawn Magic chests.

    Medieval Music Pack Volume 1

    David Dumais

    A medieval music pack containing loopable tracks and short ident clips

    Little Automobiles

    Olan Production

    The library suits a large variety of gameplay scenarios, from rally simulation to demolition derby genres. It features multiple engine and foley sounds, each of them designed for implementation by RPM layering or looping acceleration.

    Sandbag Singles

    Mountain Trail

    Realistically rendered military sandbags based on photoscanned data. Commonly used in the construction of military defense barricades and defenses. Designed to supplement the sandbag walls package, but can be used standalone.

    Zombie Female


    Zombie female - Character

    AIR - Pressure and Blow


    Various sound FX of pneumatic systems



    ***included in the Forest Animals Pack***This wonderful boar is an ideal animal to populate your 3D environment and create some natural danger in your project.

    Post Soviet Corridor and Balcony

    White Noise Team

    This pack was developed for the Twin Soul game demo, and includes a corridor and balcony (according to real Russian room standards) with many objects common to Russian life.

    Sci Fi Space Soldier


    Sci Fi space soldier rigged for the Epic Skeleton

    Mister Vampire


    Perfect foe for first\third person fantasy, horror and medieval adventure games

    Explosions Builder 2 HDR

    W3 Studios

    Explosions, Explosions, and more Explosions! Add some BOOM to your project with our second series of Explosion Builder HDR. Use the pre-made effects or create your own look with this high resolution pack.

    Oil Refinery Pack

    Viacheslav Budnyk

    Oil refinery pack is a perfect industrial pack for the creation of different kinds of factories.

    Table Tennis Set

    Bunno pen

    5 assets that can be used for table tennis games.

    Wooden UI


    Wooden UI includes: buttons, icons, framework, checkbox, etc.

    Combat Systems - Constructor

    Vladimir Tim

    The package contains 14 ready combat units assembled from various modules, and a set of parts this will allow you to create your own combination of combat vehicles and robots.

    Interactive Tree Creator

    S. Krezel

    This tool allows to procedurally create interactive trees with many dynamic features, all suited for a regular instanced mesh foliage workflow.

    Survival Safe Room


    More than 150 Meshes and respective materials to create a bunker or a safe room.

    Modular industrial pipeline

    Barinov Yuriy

    High quality modular pack, for the creation industrial landscape.

    Footsteps On Snow


    Footsteps On Snow. 180 Footstep and slides sounds on snow.



    SubsystemConfigurator Is An Easy-To-Use Plugin That Allows You To Control The Steam Online Subsystem From The Project Settings Menu!

    Open World Survival Resource Pack

    Ironbelly Studios Inc

    AAA quality Open World resources including metals, minerals and more in 2k textures.

    Seasonal Maple Tree Pack

    Brad Jacobs

    Maple tree asset pack that includes a fully dynamic seasonal cycle

    Trophy Art Pack


    Set of 15 hand drawn Trophy icons.

    Space Depot UI


    Space Depot UI is a complete art set of UI components, icons, buttons.

    Extended Functional Testing


    Improves Unreal Engine's functional testing platform with a more readable and intuitive syntax for blueprints based on testing frameworks like Mocha

    MOBA Template

    Wendell Cosindad

    Server/Client Model with Point Click/Touch interface.

    Warthog Attack Jet

    George Goslin

    A rigged and animated jet plane with missiles and materials.

    Eve Survival Set

    Alexander Ponomarev

    Casual style female character with backpack. Fully customizable in colours. Backpack can used as separate asset.

    Electronica Sci-Fi Vol. 1


    Electronic based track, fully modular/loopable, with 1 track or 4 loops, perfect for a menu or loading screen, and equally applicable to in game audio.

    HW Stylized Plains

    Christian Sparks

    A collection of stylized trees, grass & rock assets inspired by titles like Zelda: Breath of the Wild & The Witness.

    Texture Constructor

    Max Klaymen

    Blueprint suitable for construction of texture by using pre-baked masks and tiles and then saving output on hard drive.

    The Taunt Pack

    Stace D

    A collection of 10 Cheeky Taunt Animations plus Taunt Menu Widget


    Mohamed Mohsen

    Ultimate game animation Set is a key frame based animation bundle animated with the epic Maya Animation Rigging Toolset

    LP-287 Character

    Quang Phan

    Characters are designed for Third person shooter games with separate parts for you to choose the character you like and some characters are grafted.

    Custom Movement

    Ju-Sik Lee

    A custom movement made with Blueprints for beginners in Unreal Engine 4. (Ladder, Climbing)

    Luxury Wall Tiles Pack 01


    A collection of 15 luxurious high quality wall tiles that are optimized for Archviz with 4k Normal maps.

    Arashi Character

    Quang Phan

    The Japan Ronin Style Character with PBR texture and over 40 animation

    Landscape Stamps

    W3 Studios

    Pre-Fabricated Landscape Stamps, quickly imprint Mountains, Hills, Plateaus, Cliffs, Craters, Volcanoes, Lakes, Rivers, and more with a click of a button. With over 150 stamps to choose from, this tool will decrease your terrain production time.

    Quest Journal


    30 unique graphic illustrations in total.

    Thirty Buttons Pack


    Thirty Buttons Pack with both new and old PBR materials included for each.

    Desolace - OST

    Dan Farley

    Inspired by games such as Hyper Light Drifter, Minecraft & FEZ, Desolace is an Immersive, Emotive, Inspiring & original soundtrack.



    Here is a creature from the Greek mythology: centaur. This half man half horse is an extraordinary archer but his skills at close range combat are as good. he’ll be a dangerous enemy to your hero characters.



    ***Included Inside Forest Animals Pack***This wonderful bear is an ideal animal to populate your 3D environment and create some natural danger in your project.

    Touch Build and Inventory


    Build, Inventory, Crafting, Equipping Items and more using Touch.[/FONT][/SIZE]


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