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    [RELEASED] Materialize VFX

    Marketplace Link

    This effect solves the issue with a hollowed looking model. They do not cut away or mask out the model but instead use a technique in projecting a filled-in look to the existing geometry.

    Just apply the material function to any existing material node to drive the effect you want. A single parameter input from 0-1 drives the entire effect for easy integration. In addition, you can use these effects for surface effects besides just warping in.

    Create an icy frost effect or burning effect on the surface of the model. Spectral effects, pixelating effects, and the lists goes on. These effects are completely customizable with many options exposed. Drop in new patterns, change colors, or use specific parts of the effect.

    The provided demo room is a great place to start. It's also great effect for learning by breaking down the shader which is fully documented.
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    This looks great - you should probably add the direct link to the Marketplace page
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      Originally posted by CoquiGames View Post
      This looks great - you should probably add the direct link to the Marketplace page
      Thanks, and great idea!
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        Celebrating Friday the 13th with a #gamedev SALE!

        Click image for larger version

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        Prices slashed for most packs.
        Great for any #ue4 #indiedev
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          Thanks for this, I had a little play with it over the weekend, got a little carried away as it was lots of fun.


            Looks cool!
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