This product has been discontinued and is not available for sale and replaced by the newer version - Polymodels Cars Bundle. Video and details can be found here-

Polymodels Cars vol. 02 is available on Marketplace now!

Product page:

Hello everyone

We are happy to announce the release of our new product - Polymodels Cars vol. 02.

It is a next release of our successfull series of car assets. It includes 6 fully rigged customisable cars with drivers with follow spline functionality and collision detection/prevention. Each rigged car and static mesh car has 3 LODs. Fully ready for integration in the desktop or mobile UE4 game (project).

You can watch youtube video below:

Some screenshots:
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{"alt":"Click image for larger versionName:\tPolymodelsCarsV2_screenshot_0001.pngViews:\t1Size:\t234.7 KBID:\t1225255","data-align":"center","data-attachmentid":"1225255","data-size":"full"}

{"alt":"Click image for larger versionName:\tPolymodelsCarsV2_screenshot_0002.pngViews:\t1Size:\t221.0 KBID:\t1225256","data-align":"center","data-attachmentid":"1225256","data-size":"full"}

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{"alt":"Click image for larger versionName:\tPolymodelsCarsV2_screenshot_0004.pngViews:\t1Size:\t268.0 KBID:\t1225258","data-align":"center","data-attachmentid":"1225258","data-size":"full"}

{"alt":"Click image for larger versionName:\tPolymodelsCarsV2_screenshot_0005.pngViews:\t1Size:\t233.2 KBID:\t1225259","data-align":"center","data-attachmentid":"1225259","data-size":"full"}

Polymodels Cars vol. 02 includes 6 fully rigged customisable cars with drivers with follow spline and collision detection/prevention functionality. Each rigged car and static mesh car has 3 LODs. Fully ready for integration in the desktop or mobile UE4 game (project).

* Follow spline or first person driving modes
* Collision detection/prevention
* Modding (adding custom meshes to the car model)
* Changeable wheel rims
* Triggers: Stop, Slow Down, Speed Limit
* Animated driver character
* Animated steering wheel
* Skid/drift and slope/hill control
* Engine sound effect
* Skid mark effect
* Editable car registration number
* Rear view mirror and reflection cameras
* Functional light system (headlights, stop, reverse, turn) with keys applied
* Animated dashboard material with analogue and digital speedometer, tachometer and gear
* Internal and external cameras with zooming and orbiting functionality
* Slow motion effect (level blueprint)
* Medium poly car and driver mesh with simplified interior
* Fully adjustable car body, interior, glass, wheel materials
* Rust effect for car body material
* Police, fire and ambulance emergency vehicle example decals
* Adjustable car interior material
* Standard UE4 car auto shift gear setup

* 1 example level with cars and road spline blueprint
* 6 blueprints of fully rigged cars with two levels of LOD
* 6 medium poly static mesh cars with two levels of LOD
* 1 medium poly rigged driver characters
* props (modding meshes, road components)
* materials
* textures
* audio files

* LOD0 - 17,000-20,000
* LOD1 - 8,000-10,000
* LOD2 - 4,000-5,000

Texture resolutions:
* 1024, 2048, 4096

Intended Platform: Desktop and mobile
Platforms Tested: Windows, HTML5
Documentation: comments alongside blueprints and materials

Please do feel free to ask any questions