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Infinite Item and Loot Generator

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    Looks pretty nice! Is this network ready? (drops replicated etc.)

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  • started a topic [RELEASED] Infinite Item and Loot Generator

    Infinite Item and Loot Generator

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    What is it?

    Then the Infinite Item Generator is the best tool to generate limitless item variations,each complete with their own stats and graphics.
    I always was a big fan of the Diablo series and this is my homage to it. Anyone that has played Diablo 1-3 or any of the more popular action rpgs ( torchlight , path of exile , grim dawn etc ) should be familiar with how my system works as well.



    item generatoritem32

    General Information

    The system is easy to plug and play and ready to be used for any game type. With just a few clicks you can generate endless items that are fully or partially randomized.

    Any item property can be fixed or left completely at random ,allowing you to fine tune the system for your needs.

    Current features :
    • Generate completely random weapons and armor items, based on a few easy to modify base values.
    • Choose from dozens of already created item rarities,classes and modifiers or create new ones with just a few clicks and the generator will handle the rest.
    • Ability to create custom items as well with either fixed or semi randomized stats.
    • Each item is generated with the following properties :
    • Item Level ( determines the minimum and maximum value of the stats ).
    • Class ( eg : axe,sword, leather armor, shield etc.).
    • Rarity.
    • Value ( based on rarity and class ).
    • Durability ( based on rarity and class ).
    • Damage amount,type and attack speed ( for weapons ).
    • Defense amount, slot( chest,shoulders,helmet, etc ) and type ( for armor).
    • Modifiers ( number based on rarity ).
    • 3D models ( based on class )
    • 2D icons ( based on class )
    • A large selection of icons are already included from infinity blade assets and a lot created especially for this pack.

    Basically this is a plug and play solution that you can use out of the box and you should be able to add it to any game you want : RPG , Survival , it's compatible with my existing platformer game template as well.
    You just need to replace the graphics with your own and add whatever stats you desire and you now have limitless items to populate your game world with.
    It can even be used for miscellaneous items ( currency , decorative , consumable items and so on ).

    Any questions or feedback , please let me know.
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