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Marketplace Release Changes *Please Read*

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    Originally posted by Maximum-Dev View Post


    Where is the said feature in the new portal?
    Review and release still seem to be the same manual process as before and releases are still limited to Wednesdays?
    Also to give a bit of feedback on new portal,

    Bold text doesn't seem to work.

    Also why are we asked for 284x284 pixels thumbnails then they are all resized to 236x236 pixels? that blurs the thumbnails. Submitting with 236x236 pixels makes them even blurrier. This should be addressed.
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      Originally posted by Slavq View Post
      I've sent project files for review 2 months ago. I've sent two emails on the support mail asking what's the status, not a single response. I've heard that some people started getting messages to resubmit through new portal, I haven't got anything like that either.
      Hmm... Am I a ghost?... I mean, can you see my posts? ... Maybe I don't exist and I just don't realize it. Worth checking.
      The resubmitting emails were for assets that were approved. I wouldn't resubmit you may lose your place in the queue. I just published an asset that was submitted the beginning of May and was initially approved June 2.


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        I haven't tried the new publisher portal yet, so I have a question... I see some prop packs being published in environments section and I'm worried things might soon get very chaotic. Who is choosing the category in which the pack is going to appear? Is it done by the seller?
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          The seller chooses the category. There is a drop down box to choose which category.