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Create FPS MoCap animations using VR Touch Controllers

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    [GAUGING INTEREST] Create FPS MoCap animations using VR Touch Controllers

    Would you be interested in a editor plugin that helps you create simple animations using your VR controllers? This animations will then work like any other animation and will work in non-VR games also

    For example, you can create animations like weapon reload (pistol, AR, shotgun, rocket launchers), weapon inspect, melee (sword, crossbow), pick up stuff, open doors, climb rocks, door keypad etc

    You can capture multiple takes in one go and split and clean them up from the editor

    The system would use IK to position the elbow / torso. IK can also be applied during runtime, like properly placing the hand on door knobs while playing the animation or while cleanup like clamping the other hand on the shotgun's barrel during a kickback animation while firing

    You won't need MoCap hardware and can use this if you already have VR HMD with controllers

    I'll probably release it for free but I'm not sure how much effort would go into this as I am not familiar with UE4's animation code yet. Let me know what you think and if something like this already exists.

    Different reload animations in borderlands 2

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