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    Originally posted by jwatte View Post

    Compared to what game engine shipping with networking built in?
    Photon is worse.
    RakNet is worse.
    Lidgren is worse.
    ENet is much lower level.

    Maybe Roblox? Roblox networking is actually pretty **** awesome for what they do, because they network literally tens of thousands of rigid bodies, yet levels load reasonably quickly.
    It'll be interesting to see if networked Chaos will get in that same ballpark!
    As I've specified, I'm specifically commenting on non-typical FPS/3rd person action games. Using the examples of fighting games for rollback netcode (as used in fighting games), and driving games.

    Regarding fighting games:

    Delay-based netcode is simply not accepted by players. It technically "works", but there's a reason that once Covid hit, these games are no longer playable in the competitive scenes, and the only ones that actually are thriving in the current climate are GGPO-based Rollback implementations. You can read more about it here:

    This means typical corrections you find on authoritative servers is unacceptable, and delay based netcode is unacceptable. Both have been tried, and proven to not perform well in practice.Even "strong" delay based implementations such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, you can take a look in to their communities and polls and see the #1 complaint is the netcode.

    The requirements (as mentioned in the coverage of GGPO) typically need full determinism in the engine. This is a huge obstacle in UE4, and to my knowledge, no developers have solved this problem yet.

    This problem has been solved in Unity, and you can use Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as a perfect example.

    You can also refer to Keits, one of the developers on Killer Instinct, recently posted on Twitter about difficulties of implementing this style of netcode in UE4.

    Regarding driving games:

    As documented here:

    There's no known implementations of client side prediction that perform well using the vehicle system yet with UE4. The only ones who have been known to have done it were done by switching to Bullet physics (such as Rocket League) and that was with UE3 and not UE4. In short, this is a problem that has yet to have been solved.

    Regarding both of these genres:

    The common denominator here is both have problems that haven't been solved as of yet in UE4. UE4 can't easily be used for either of these genres, which in my opinion, is a huge setback. I'm honestly a bit surprised as to why this is in question, as it's near impossible to make a multiplayer game that performs acceptable in UE4 in the current state.

    Isn't a limitation of online games in these genres something that should be improved upon? If not by Epic directly, then by either a community effort and/or developers on the marketplace that would be interested in trying to solve these issues?


      Hello, I'm quite new here...

      One thing I need at the moment is an A.I. Blimp


        Looking around the Marketplace I notice there are a lot of foliage options, none for a desert/arid landscape though? Landscape materials maybe, but not optimized shrubs for an arid climate.

        This is when someone points out that deserts don't have grass, watch this space...


          Hello, I'm a music creator. I sell my stuff on Bandcamp, I'm on YT, and a couple other places. I'd like to sell some of my work on the Marketplace here as I think some people would find value in it.
          I'm all set up to sell, but (me not being a game developer) it states I need an Unreal Cue file. Is there something generic I can use for this? I can't see downloading, installing a 20gb+, and learning a new program to possibly sell a few music packs.
          PLEASE ADVISE!


            A Slay The Spire like template would be nice! Any information on this would be greatly appreciated...!


              What I would look forward to is that some holy programmer would create a spline-based road creation tool that comes close to Cities Skylines, especially junction creation that would support some features like different curvature per junction edge. If you take a look at Tokyo's neighborhood streets, you will see what I am talking about in terms of reference.

              Aside from that, it would be interesting to see a procedural edge-wear tool that would mimic edge-wear processes that we know from substance painter and co.
              Why not using Substance Painter and Designer? Because I have to deal with big structures and procedural assets where I just can't use prebaked edge-wear masks.
              Tobias Löffler
              Senior 3D Artist


                Good day! Can you tell me what you are guided by when selecting new extensions ? Because I am confused, the new additions in the store do not meet your requirements at all, but they are released. There are hundreds of links to new products below... My long-term experience allows me to make a high-quality and optimized product. Why would I add different "garbage" to it, which will affect the overall performance, just for the sake of making the list of "useless" content bigger? I think the rules and requirements for content and quality of content should be reviewed, otherwise the store will turn into a UnityStore...

                NEW RELEASE: "according to epic store, there is enough content here"
       (one character painted in five colors)
       (18 textures in attempts to find the right brush)
       character with very low quality)
       (here comments will be superfluous, what is it, Epic ?

       (one material, instead of the standard aberration)
       is a completely free tutorial that you released)

                This is just a quick look at the content in the store...

                Games: JackAndSara, JackAndSara Adventures, NorthStar, MotherShip, ReverseSide, Life, The Universe and Everything, Dichotomy
                VK: Personal page


                  Who is the person who makes the choice whether to release a product or not ?

                  Games: JackAndSara, JackAndSara Adventures, NorthStar, MotherShip, ReverseSide, Life, The Universe and Everything, Dichotomy
                  VK: Personal page


                    Games: JackAndSara, JackAndSara Adventures, NorthStar, MotherShip, ReverseSide, Life, The Universe and Everything, Dichotomy
                    VK: Personal page


                      some high end particle systems and chaos simulations which could help understand the latest modifications in the engine.


                        hi there just wanting to see if there is interest in cyberpunk (the style not the game)characters currently no screenshots are made but you should expect the same quality as my published assets


                          It would be nice if someone made an asset that renders multi-page PDF file in UMG widget (2D and 3D) with mobile (Android) platform in mind. I'd buy that instantly


                            Id like t see a tool for exporting 360 video out of UE. There's a lot of applications for this including for use as skydomes in external compositing software, etc. There's two in the market currently. One seems to be way overpriced and unattainable to the average consumer and the other the dev just steals your money. He hasn't updated it since version 4.22 and when you buy it you get a lot of runaround from the dev eventually making it so you cant get your money back. There is also an experimental free plugin that's built in but its pretty unusable.

                            Please, someone make a user friendly 360 video exporter. No stereo needed, just basic 360 video and make it affordable.


                              A marketplace gap I've noticed in environments/props:

                              There are no long-ago-apocalypse assets (eg "Horizon Zero Dawn" style ancient remnants of modern civilization). Pretty much all modern-ruins / post-apocalyptic assets currently in the marketplace are for recent or ongoing apocalypse (especially Chernobyl/Pripyat style of ruins)

                              Speaking for myself I'm up for buying some ancient ruins of modern civilization. In my case, the ideal would be that they are unmistakably from modern 21st century civilization (modern cars etc), but clearly decayed/corroded/weathered for hundreds of years or more.
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                                The Unreal Market still missing a solution for horses and carts. Something almost every game would like to feature. Perhaps 4.26 with chaos will bring it?
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