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    someone now an template for cross platform multiplayer on lan and network? to play turn by turn game bethin diferit devices? theatre to buy or hou to make? to buy or hou to make?


      Originally posted by tero83 View Post
      not know why marketplace hasnt this kind of big rpg systems, like in unity store:
      Similar product :
      ABC Augmented Reality by UE4

      ArchVis VR


        Hey guys! Just wondering why my product is not sellable on MP maybe the price is too high or anything I couldn't catch as a seller to point out and include in my product. If you mind to give your feedback I would appreciate.
        here is the link -


          Alex this is really the wrong place to ask this. I would be better to start a new post.

          However I'm sure it's the price. At that level no one is going to buy it on a whim. You have cut off 99% of the market which are hobbyist very small indies. It a very low chance you are going to find someone with that kind of money to spend (bear in mind a game would have lot of characters so they would need a good budget) and also that their game needs that character exactly. It's a nice model but your audience is so small it's going to have trouble finding anyone.

          Personally I think if you were to slash the price to around the same as other similar characters, then you would make up for loss in the individual sales in volume.

          Then it a question of getting it seen. Unfortunately I think the most eye would be on it at the point it was added.
          Jammy Games


            Originally posted by Tylru View Post
            Hey all!

            I'm a Game UI Artist by profession, and I've managed to gain some additional time on the weekends, so I'm thinking about offering my services through the Marketplace.

            Are there any assets / packs that you might find useful for your projects? I'm thinking more of generic assets, rather than bespoke. Perhaps within a few art styles? For example, I know icon packs are quite common already on the Marketplace, but something similar that wouldn't feel too similar/recognizable across multiple projects.

            Anyway, any ideas, let me know
            Glad you ask! I think many devs would be happy to see a fully-fledged UI-System for the Main Menu of a game. An example of that would be the Code Vein Main Menu and Title Screen (Code Vein has been made by Namco using UE4) with all the nice fluff like animated text, cool 3D background and such. Here's a video of what I'm talking about ---> (title screen). I've also got footage of the options screen and more (made some videos of inspiring main menus of some games just for my own studies. Cheers.


              For any publishers listening out there. I only purchase Modular Audio Visuals and Network Replicated Logic.
              • Seeking 3D Kitbash for Character, Creatures, and Machines..
              • Seeking Proc Animated Tentacles Accessory Pack
              • Seeking Cloth Capes and Hair Accessory Packs
     is now part of


                I'd love to see something like this offered for UE4:


                  Smart AI System

                  With all the AI hype we're made to swallow how about it?
                  Train the AI in 'Local Split-Screen' or 'Online-Multiplayer'.

                  AI system that watches players in multiplayer & learns to mimic the tactics used.
                  Auto-created blueprints that capture the strategies or auto-generated BT / EQS.
                  Think Sci-Fi Shooter with large open-levels with Characters and Flying Vehicles.
                  If its too hard a prob to solve for AI / ML experts... AI system that just takes hints?


                    @EnterpriseCustomr If I could make such an AI system that could learn from just a few playthroughs, I would probably make all my money predicting the stock market, not selling it for dozens of dollars on the marketplace :-)

                    You know what we're missing? A set of mix-and-match medieval RPG character gear. Helmets/caps, chestplates/leathers/tunics, greaves, leggings, boots/sandals/barefoot, and so on.
                    Some number of mesh pieces that all go together. They don't need to fit vertex snap tight together -- you can have small bands of some body mesh slightly inside the armor spots in all the normal "seam" locations (waist, neck, wrists, ankles, etc.)
                    Bonus if there were also morph targets for "emaciated" vs "muscular" vs "obese."
                    Ideally all rigged to the Unreal skeleton, and ideally-ideally, in two or three genders, or with a morph target to go between male - neutral - female.

                    I happen to know from past lives that character art is super costly to build, and swappable pieces even more so. But one can wish?
                    Maybe I should apply for a super grant to build this, and then use all the money to outsource the actual character modeling and base textures :-)


                      Smart AI System
                      Originally posted by jwatte View Post
                      @EnterpriseCustomr If I could make such an AI system that could learn from just a few playthroughs, I would probably make all my money predicting the stock market, not selling it for dozens of dollars on the marketplace :-)
                      The first thing SMART AI should be able to do is hunt down and execute anyone even thinking about rigging the stock market. Oh wait - its already rigged. The SMART AI request was a nod back to this post from 2015... It doesn't seem like AI has advanced much in UE compared to Rendering etc (even Utility AI barely figures). But I'm still curious if someone is working on something or even just thinking about it???

                      With UE5 around the corner the visuals for the metaverse are pretty much nailed. What isn't - is AI emotion or emotioneering in games. In my own work I often try split-screen with real players first, just see what they'll do with it. The hard work starts afterwards trying to take results and make the AI less dumb. At a minimum, SMART AI could sample heatmap data of locations players like to frequent and use that to prioritize where AI should go. But it would also be great to see UE5 offer AI that can simulate grudges or bots that can feign human emotions (such as revenge plays etc).


                        I'm still curious if someone is working on something or even just thinking about it?
                        Google's got you covered. Apparently, the model, once trained, can run on a single PC, but it'll probably take most of your GPU just doing that...

                        With UE5 around the corner the visuals for the metaverse are pretty much nailed.
                        I heard that when the TNT2 came out, and even tried to build the metaverse for a few years, with funding and everything, but it didn't work out. Generally, I don't think it WILL work out as a mass adoption technology, at least not until we all click cables into our heads.

                        SMART AI could sample heatmap data of locations players like to frequent and use that to prioritize where AI should go.
                        I actually think you could capture fragments of 1-4 seconds of control input, and chop 'em all up, and adversarial-train reinforcement-learn some model on how to string various of those bits and bobs together to make successful, or at least interesting, AI players. It all depends on how much you think AI players is worth investing in for your game -- given that the world is full of II (Internet Intelligent) players who are already looking for a match...


                          Strange that not good car drifting system, where would be car selection, drifting mechanics and some kind score system


                            I've been doing a lot of tutorial stuff for virtual production (see but it's really hard to find good content that is redistributable, so I can legally include it in a tutorial project I'm giving away. I would really like to see Epic put up a little content that was licensed so it can be used in tutorials and LEGALLY given away as part of a tutorial project.

                            I know everyone wants to get paid and keep control of their content even if it is free. But anything where redistribution was allowed would certainly show up in a TON of tutorials so it would be a great way for an artist to get some publicity. Most people right now use the engine starter content in tutorials, though there are a few I've seen redistributing some stuff from the marketplace which they really shouldn't do according to the marketplace FAQ.


                              As I've mentioned elsewhere on the forums recently, in my opinion, the biggest weakness of UE4 is the netcode, if you're working on anything beyond traditional shooters/action games.

                              My favorite genres are fighters, beat em ups, and racing games. Yet all 3 of those genres have issues with UE4's built in netcode that haven't been solved.

                              Fighters/beat em up's are not favorable unless they use a rollback netcode implementation. There's no packages or examples of rollback netcode in UE4, and GGPO has been open source yet to my knowledge nobody has been able to get it successfully integrated in to UE4. Several developers have expressed problems getting rollback netcode working in to UE4 because of issues with UE4 performing deterministic, and/or getting rollback working properly. With some of them choosing Unity over UE4 for these reasons. For example, the developers of Killer Instinct and Power Rangers: BFTG.

                              Then with racing games, the UE4 vehicle systems using PhysX are not ideal. Bluemanphysics attempted to solve this problem, but never performed well. Then FGear is now currently trying to solve it, and I hope they manage to soon (as I already purchased FGear), but they've expressed the difficulties due to PhysX. I'm not sure anyone has actually solved this issue without switching to Bullet physics, but there's no popular integrations of that in UE4.

                              If there was any marketplace packages solving either of these problems, it would be an instant buy for me. It just seems crazy that UE4 is so well featured overall, yet in the area of netcode, it's very limited in terms of the styles of games you can make without having severe amounts of issues.


                                Originally posted by Spyridon View Post
                                the biggest weakness of UE4 is the netcode
                                Compared to what game engine shipping with networking built in?
                                Photon is worse.
                                RakNet is worse.
                                Lidgren is worse.
                                ENet is much lower level.

                                Maybe Roblox? Roblox networking is actually pretty **** awesome for what they do, because they network literally tens of thousands of rigid bodies, yet levels load reasonably quickly.
                                It'll be interesting to see if networked Chaos will get in that same ballpark!