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    some 3d platformer asset with simple ai and maybe some small boss stuff


      Complete character controller/game systems like Game Kit Controller, Opsive, Invector, Corgi Engine, etc are sorely missing here. Unity has a plethora of these, and they lower the barrier of entry for small / solo devs. I think someone could run away with the loot if they developed a system like the aforementioned for Unreal.


        Hi all, I've had a VR MMORPG under development for about a year and I'm considering releasing the core of the engine as a marketplace asset. This would include the UE4 client, a custom C# server (running on Windows) and a MySQL database. All of the basic MMORPG stuff is there - character creation, lobby management, NPC server coordination (including server-side AI and A* pathfinding - no client authority), replicated VR hands and body with basic IK solver (using FABRIK), basic inventory/equip stuff, NPC spawning/death, loot, experience, mining/gathering and crafting. I'd like to gather level of interest in a product like this - feel free to PM me. I'm thinking around $40 price point. This will work out of the box with Mixamo characters and many marketplace assets like procedural landscape, modular buildings, swords, etc.


          not know why marketplace hasnt this kind of big rpg systems, like in unity store:


            Procedural Animation code plug in.


              I would really like a stylish hack n slash template like, Ninja Gaiden or Devil May cry. Something with more combo choices out of the gate like XXXX XinputbufferX XYXXY that has quick example animations, some ai with it to get started.

              I love the blueprint system so much as an artist


                I welcome!!! Company Epic Games, me on name Klyukin Ivan I live I in city of Nyagan, it Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug,and here i thought, why would not to advise good project, and already to undertake for it or no it already yours especially individual decision.

                Personally I, I dream,that this project left in Light.

                This project will be in genre Fayting, it feature that that it fayting not look sideways and look 3D as in Grand Thaft Auto 5, and the most important part which no neither... nor in one fayting it destructive blows, I will describe to steam examples.

                The first:When enemy size with to five floor house, and it having run up kicks you and you you fly by a little quarters taking down and punching through all on light.

                The second: When enemy beret you in hand and from all forces throws you about earth and having jumped up it drives in you leg still more deeply that all in district razletalost in a little quarters or in general to lift all on Air.

                The third: Two enemy one possesses ability to operate earth,the second giantism and the first applies on we wash character digging in me on knees and, the second running up with all forces kicks me in stomach kicking me with different parties to, to me from pity runs up child and I, I shout, to the first to the enemy, carefully child so as the first opponent far and enemy saw and ran and it shouts and I then I enter in flown into a rage condition and expecting blow behind I, I beat fist from all forces on to leg giant and it leg instantly takes off back so far that enemy does double somersault.

                The last: blows with to top put hands in sledge hammer, to take opponent for hair in air you are untwisted as propeller and from all forces you press opponent uphill, opponent runs up and jumping off on the opponent from height to nine floor house falls on the opponent all weight using myself as press, to make would mode with explosion of buildings as in the movie Independence Day Two thousand sixth year.

                Make please what be not mode on the same Garry's Mod only optimizirovany.

                Mine especially personal opinion,and I ask not to accept close to, to heart, such project would be very much popular so as faytengov in it look and view and with such show and of course blows more loudly and more atmospherically. I have everything

                Klyukin Ivan 23.01.2020 / 1:39


                  @scientist129 Great that you would like these to be made free, but this thread is about recommendation that things you would like made.

                  Or maybe don't do multiple posts with huge text and lots of screenshots.


                    Hey all!

                    I'm a Game UI Artist by profession, and I've managed to gain some additional time on the weekends, so I'm thinking about offering my services through the Marketplace.

                    Are there any assets / packs that you might find useful for your projects? I'm thinking more of generic assets, rather than bespoke. Perhaps within a few art styles? For example, I know icon packs are quite common already on the Marketplace, but something similar that wouldn't feel too similar/recognizable across multiple projects.

                    Anyway, any ideas, let me know


                      Modular building packs that stick to standard crtieria built around the default mannequin, a lot of the modular sets are great but have odd sizes that don't work with any other packages.
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                        Just released my latest modular set, this time a modular castle with exterior and interior.


                        As mentioned before, it's important that modular sets fit the scale of the UE4 mannequin. So I always use the third person starter to check my sets for scale, and also for collision!

                        For my next release, I'm thinking of going for the modular spaceship interior set. I'm still doing some research though
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                          Want see a Grand Strategy Game example, with basic province administration, province borders and main map.


                            Don't know if it's been said, but we really need a quality Ghillie Suit! Seriously! Would love a modular ghillie suit with head, chest, arms, legs, etc. that you can drape over any character, no matter their clothing. And have it as a clothing also. A headpiece you can easily size to fit over your character's head/hat too. Modelers, get to it, please!