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    Originally posted by LowEntry View Post
    Code plugin developer here, I would like to know:

    - What limitations in blueprint are you currently running into?
    - What functionality can you come up with that currently isn't achievable with blueprint alone?
    Nice to hear from coder. Thank you for the offer.
    Assuming you would like to help Blueprinters/Designers (not exactly programmers)
    Split screen and controlling it and more creative ways would be great. For example, players close to each others, shared camera. Players far from each others, switch to split screen. A bonus would be having more split screens variations so, like diagnose from example.

    Attaching skeletal mesh (character more specif) to another skeletal mesh (also a character) using sockets. Then having the parent to control the child's behaviors. Mainly dragging it around but would also be nice to pass information between each others. So the child class becomes more like a component into the parent class. I know about Physics Handle but it has limitations. And I couldn't get to work properly to have a character grabs another character's head and drag it few steps before release it. I also needed the grabbed character to inherent some velocity to continue walking few steps in the direction that the grabber released him to.

    Also, a conditioner anim notify, especially trails and Timed Particles. Would be great to have a control on anim notify via blue print. For example play that notify only if this condition is true. In my case, I wanted to play trail and timed particles on a mesh only when when energy level is high enough. I've found a way to create a child in the character BP and so on but it was it very flexible.

    Those are my current limitations. I hope you find them interesting enough to create blueprint nodes for those things.
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    Raed Abbas
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      Antarctic/Greenland Glacier/Iceberg/Icesheet/Iceshelf pack
      Ambulance/Fire Dept car pack (Wheels animated)
      Electric vehicle car pack (Wheels animated)
      Electric vehicle charging station

      These packs need a modular setup, and possibly pre-made modules for easy assembling.
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        Originally posted by tero83 View Post
        i would like also see more western assets, like western characters etc. One day got an idea for western styled shooter, but not many enviroments or characters
        Hello MR Terro we submitted our Western NPC pack a couple of days ago, we need to wait for Epic appoval

        Its a base and not as big as our medieval NPC pack, but a great beginning for a journey heading west!

        I also started working on mordern civilian Characters. They will be published this year as well.

        Hope you like them.


          Wishlist for the marketplace & I've done my research!:

          Art related:
          • High definition Supermarket & Stores. The only ones I could find currently were low poly/low quality or stylized.
          • Interior AND exterior, large spaceships(enterable spaceships) all in one.
          • Very large, highly detailed, enterable buildings that are not simply exteriors/facades. (You will notice there is a lack of these, I don't think I was able to find even one high rise building that was high quality & both exterior/interior.)(They don't necessarily need furniture in them.)
          • More high quality accessories for character models. Like glasses, earrings, jewelry etc. Especially sci fi tech.
          • More models/meshes with moving/moveable parts. For instance doors & drawers can open. Propellers spin. Knobs can turn. Blinds can open/shut. Leaves can bend.
          • Even though there are already things available from some of these themes, having more options would be great & I know there are many people interested in having more from the following themes/genres: Grunge, Retro, Art Deco, Post Apocalyptic, Antique, Survival, Abandoned, Synthwave/Vaporwave, Cyberpunk, Jungle, Futuristic & Sci Fi. Perhaps even some environments that combine some of these themes for instance an abandoned building full of retro items in a sci fi jungle. A good artist will find a way to combine these popular, sought after themes.
          • There's a total and complete lack of surreal environments & props. These would be highly sought after as well.
          • There's also a huge lack of Fantasy landscapes, for instance types of different colored, different materials fantasy flowing liquids on a landscape, new types of different colored fantasy plants, new types of fantasy land/rocks/dirt etc. We need more ideas such as naturally floating plants, types of lava or other liquids/materials flowing out of plants, landscapes based on different types of gravity, landscapes based inside of different substances(for instance we have many landscapes based in oxygen, outerspace or water, but what other substances or fantasy substances could new landscapes be made in? For instance what would a landscape fully immersed in fantasy "mana" look like? Or a realistic planet where somehow things thrived fully within lava without burning up? How about a landscape fully submerged in ectoplasm?

          Audio Related:
          • Text to speech systems/audio.

          Code related:
          • More replicated voxel options, I currently only see one on the marketplace itself, which lacks to many features. (I'm aware of the two that are not on the marketplace.)
          • More MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online) options, as far as I know there are currently no MMO options on the marketplace at all. (Apparently there are 1-2 that are not on the marketplace, nor are they what I'm looking for exactly)
          • Any blueprint/code features that haven't been multiplayer network replicated on the marketplace yet.
          • Any blueprint/code features that haven't been brought to Linux yet.
          • More magic/spells multiplayer network replicated systems.
          • Even more intuitive blueprints for ease of use of those who aren't proficient with coding. (An advanced system that people can't figure out how to use is not worth much to anyone.)
          • More ways to procedurally generate high quality models & textures.

          Feel free to contact me, I'm always willing to give advice on future products or even current products, just be aware that I am straightforward about things so hopefully you'll be able to take criticism even on a bad product or bad idea.
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            I would really like mountain bikes


              Virtual mouse cursor plugin for gamepad for use with blueprints, some kind programmer can do it?
              I am sure that you sell a lot.
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                Sci-Fi Exterior environments : roads, buildings....


                  iron source integration


                    There is cars and some car assets, but car battle system would be awesome. like few car models and basic ai to shoot


                      I'd like to see some chests with mimic skeletal mesh + animations. Really shame that there aren't any on the store.


                        Originally posted by Raed Abbas View Post
                        Split screen and controlling it and more creative ways would be great. For example, players close to each others, shared camera. Players far from each others, switch to split screen.
                        I've just submitted something similar yesterday, and now accidentally seen your comment, should be up in a few weeks due to the review process
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                          1. I would love to see a plugin for Oculus Platform SDK implementing IAP, DLC, cloud stuff, etc. for Go/Quest/Rift and 100% exposed to Blueprints.

                          2. Android multiplayer template (without relying on Google Play services) using WiFi and cellular network (switchable, perhaps even automatically)

                          3. Android mic input plugin (cuz UE4's doesn't work and who knows when they will fix it) with exposure to Blueprints

                          4. Android and Windows speech recognition plugin (to be able to use voice commands) with exposure to Blueprints

                          That's what I'd love to see, paid, with decent support from the author.


                            Would need proper road C++ plugin with snapping crossroads. The current only option is from Talos ist too rarely supported (last update is from 14months ago) or might be even abandoned - no way to know since there is no support or news. The blueprint roads are handy but quite slow to use and worrying those could cause slower loading times.


                              I need WaveNet's text-to-speech feature as a UE blueprint project.

                              Further info


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                                Originally posted by tero83 View Post
                                There is cars and some car assets, but car battle system would be awesome. like few car models and basic ai to shoot
                                Working on this currently. About 15 days away from completion so check the store within the next 2 months