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    Don't know if anyone still reads the sticky but.

    We are in need of some 8-way movement sets that also includes 45 angles as well as stop/starts.

    Things like limping, wall climbing, ladder climbing swimming. The general packages handle the most common movements but what is lacking is the not all too common.

    A reduced price limp package would make for an excellent add-on purchase.


      Originally posted by Iron G View Post
      what mesh do you guys like ?

      i am 3ds artist making. specially for sci fi.
      I would love to see some characters / animals / monsters more cartoon style like Dragon Quest.


        Originally posted by A.T.S. View Post

        what about doing team death match mutiplayer isn't even on the market and its something i need for my project smh i see y'all like to be picky on who u like to reply to i didn't know toxicity is other here theres only been a handful of ppl that actually got an a reply over a dozen others that need stuff for there project how tf is that fare?
        Sounds to me like you'd be better off over in `Job Offers`, but its possible they didn't see it (sorta unlikely except for page 5-35 or something) or they didn't want to say "Sorry, not interested in doing this".

        I hardly think that's toxic behavior.
        Check out my work here.
        Tired of limitations to container types in BP? Click here.
        Want to use Quaternions in Blueprint? Try my Quat Library.


          Yeah well there are several parts to it (in case anyone is interested).

          First, I only do C++ plugins (that add blueprints). The team death match thing can be done in blueprint as well, there's no C++ plugin needed for this.

          Secondly, the idea seems to specific. The general idea doesn't, but there will be lots of details that will be different from project to project, details in how the death match should work exactly. Making options for everything specific thing people either want or don't want takes a huge amount of work. It's not a feasible idea for a plugin as far as I can tell. It's too specific for a plugin, you probably want to make this custom for your project. It doesn't require a plugin, it's just game logic that can be done in blueprint. If there would be a plugin for this, you would most likely be very limited to what you can and cannot do. It's the reason why I only do plugins that are either custom (for one specific company or project), or plugins that just add blueprints (that people can use in any way or shape that fits their project). Making an entire framework or gamemode, like I said, would require far too much work to add every option you and every other user of the plugin could think of. Well that, or you just make the most basic thing possible, and then make the users of the plugin inherit and add functionality to that base, that way they could make anything they want as well, but there's no point for a plugin that adds a base for your idea, the classes and functionality in the UE4 already add as much as possible without causing limitations.

          Thirdly, I usually only respond to people that answer my questions, people that just shout out random things they would like to have, well that's nice and all, but I can't really do much with that most of the time. It's the reason I ask these questions, it's the only thing I can do something with, it's the only thing I can make a feasible plugin out of.

          So, for anyone reading this, I would like to know:
          - What limitations in blueprint are you currently running into?
          - What functionality can you come up with that currently isn't achievable with blueprint alone?

          Created blueprints for:
          Network connections | JSON | XML | HTTP requests | Compression | Encryption | File system

          Also accepting freelance work (blueprint, UE4 C++, backend development, web development)