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  • Originally posted by SE_JonF View Post
    Battlefront 2 kamino is a perfect example of the sort of rain system that would be cool to have. Not sure how they handled it, but the performance is pretty good on that map.

    Here are some references.
    Definitely is a great rain system in every detail.
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    • Looks to me like Battlefront 2 uses a post processing for most of the rain, and then has particle emitters near the doors and such.

      Those particle emitters near the doors look a bit weird though, you can see it from a distance quite clearly, but maybe that's just because I'm paying too much attention to it.

      The post process and the terrain looks amazing though.

      Edit: Watched the video again, I noticed there are some clouds when running outside in the rain. What are those? Seems like either it's post processing or it's particle emitters spawning in front of the player/camera. Or they are placed particle emitters that are triggered when walking nearby.

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      • I'd like to see nice VR-ready particle FX in variety of styles (suitable for next-gen, anime and low poly styles of games). Fires, fireballs, smokes, magic, sparks, debris, snow/rain, etc.


        • Also would like to see some kind of third person archery system with basic ai. There is lot of shooter and also sword assets with ai etc. But some archery/bow system. There is still art of combat, which include those qualities but maybe some other same kind stuff