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WhitmanAndOlbert Return And Olbert's Low Poly: Modular Dungeon Release

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    [RELEASED] WhitmanAndOlbert Return And Olbert's Low Poly: Modular Dungeon Release

    Hello There Devs!

    Here we are again, returning to the marketplace after a lot of time, if you read our 2016 RoadMap you know that the last months has been very very special xD. But, as we say at the start, here we are again, presenting you our first submission after a long time, Olbert's Low Poly: Modular Dungeon, released just today. A lot of stuff was happened the last months let us talk a bit of that to you!

    First all, our new PC, after suffering a lot, we complete our setup in March, import all the stuff required for complete a rig take a long time in our country, to that, add two weeks because the first RAM that we bought dont work with our MoBo, we still dont have idea because . The second sticks work well. You can find our new PC Specs in our signature.

    Inmediatly after set up all for start, download UE4 in the last version and some other stuff, we start with a light project, our best idea in that moment was a repack that include the most of our previous content packs, we call it Olbert's Low Poly: Biomes Repack Vol1 No Fake 1 link MEGA Full Last Version Reloaded (Sorry i cant resist it! xD). Epic accept it in the marketplace but we dont have idea for what reason Epic released first Olbert's Low Poly: Modular Dungeon, that was our second submitted content, we send to them an eMail in the Biomes Repack Vol1 with not response, we are still waiting it. Always, Yesterday they tell us that Olbert's Low Poly: Modular Dungeon will be released today, very surprising for us!. Anyway we wait at least one month for receive the release date after Epic Accept Modular Dungeon in the marketplace, seems that the UE4 marketplace will have nothing to envy Unity Assets Store in a couple of months, the community is more and more active every day submitting usefull stuff for the community and Epic is doing a great work with the bureaucrazy, They are not faster than other months but it is comprensive!.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	OlbertsLowPolyModularDungeon_screenshot_02.png
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ID:	1217649

    We feel happy to tell you that we are starting to work on a little project, a Zombie Horde game using our marketplace assets, in first person perspective, that will be completely free when we complete it. This is more a practice project, for get new knowledge in the game dev process, we feel ready to do it. We start a little section in our YouTube channel just like a Devlog Serie, We will leave inserted below the video! This is our second game project, if you read our 2016 RoadMap you are noticed that our first project a long time ago was premature, we call it Virtual Demolition, we dont leave the idea, we still keep it present, but in that time we was not prepared for create and publish a game.

    Two months ago [MENTION=106539]insanerob[/MENTION] leave us a link in our 2016 RoadMap to some screenshots of him project(Go below a bit and look for [MENTION=106539]insanerob[/MENTION] in the post for see it), a mobile game that we dont have a much info like name or concept ( [MENTION=106539]insanerob[/MENTION] leave us links pls!) and make use of some of our assets in the marketplace. We are very happy that our assets has been used in the [MENTION=106539]insanerob[/MENTION] project, from our beginning in the marketplace is our fantasy see our assets in the project of some one out there, Thanks [MENTION=106539]insanerob[/MENTION] ! (And sorry for the non-response in the Roadmap, the last months we dont see it a lot xD).

    Now lets talk about the recent released content pack, Olbert's Low Poly: Modular Dungeon, A content pack for create dungeon with simple lowpoly style, the parts of the dungeon and the modular system are inspired by this array of images, specially by this image, we are not followers of D&D xd we are not too old jajaja (No offense intention guys) but that image was magic for us, in the future we will continue developing Modular Dungeon Assets, this one is like the start of something a bit mor big, but we want dont offer details xD. Olbert record a video that shows how to use it, the assets look speacially awesome in darker enviroments.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	OlbertsLowPolyModularDungeon_screenshot_06.png
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Size:	500.6 KB
ID:	1217650

    That is all for now, we feel awesome Armed with our new PC and we have intention to keep developing games, from us and later, from other people that request our help, but first we need be sure that we can carry all the responsibility of develop a game, and there is no other way that create our own games. [MENTION=106539]insanerob[/MENTION] we hope you comment here!


    Whitman And Olbert
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    We Are Brothers, Interested in the game development, since 2014, we have been learning fast, with passion, all the topics related with the videogames development world, and now, with a bit of knowledge, the UE4 Marketplace offer us a opportunity for success, Thanks Epic Games!

    Our New PC:

    CPU: I5 6600K 3.5GHz
    GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
    RAM: 2x8GB G.skill TridentZ 3200MHz

    Marketplace Content:

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the really slow response. I'm loving the pics you posted, so glad your PC is fixed again
    I'll post some more pics of our project when it gets nearer to being done ... I'm always paranoid that someone with a lot more free time than me will copy the idea before I get chance to release my game
    My game is set outdoors so your dungeon set is the only pack of yours I haven't bought yet, even though it looks sweet
    My friend, who is doing the game with me, loves zombie games, I'll send him a link

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      Hi Guys, Just bought your Jungle Pack ... really looking forward to using it in a level, looks totally sweet