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    Originally posted by VRXplay View Post
    Hi! I have an error when build new clean project. UE4 version is 4.21.3.
    You have UWorks installed twice.


      Version 21-16 is submitted to Epic! You can find the new docs here, with the patch notes:

      This was a fairly large update for the following reasons:

      - I restructured the utilities I added over time into a separate UWorksUtilities module.
      - I overhauled the example project and added a few new examples (achievements, stats, voice chat).
      - I took care of the latest networking issues and re-tested everything.

      There are 2 set of functions which are going to break and need replacement: the interface accessors and the SteamID/GameID helper functions (the bulk of the plugin remains unaffected). I apologize for this change. It was unplanned but it became evidently mandatory, especially given the feedback I've received regarding the small UWorks editions. If it sounds a bit vague, feel free to check the new code and it will be easily understandable.

      That being said, despite the big steps forward, I am not at all satisfied with the current state of the examples. Therefore, I am postponing the mod support plugin and will focus on the remaining examples in the next days/weeks. This is the order:

      - Parties - with voice and text chat support.
      - Servers (Core) - show listen and dedicated servers in the same list.
      - Lobbies (Browser)
      - Lobbies (Manager)
      - Friends (Presence)

      In parallel to that, I've been exploring a method to "lock" my products within a certain project, in order to take demos one step further: let users work with the plugin before buying it! As always, let me know what you think!


        Hello Sir, Im interested in purchasing the plugin but Im worried about what you just said about SteamID is going to break. I want to implement armor cosmetic skins in my game in a similar way that Dota2 does. I need to check if the player own that item in his steam inventory and if It does, enable him to equip that armor in game, also allow the players to sell and buy those cosmetic skins from the community market directly would be great. Will I be able to do that in the current state of the plugin with ue4 version 21?
        By the way... Im a little confused with the differences between the 2 smaller versions for UWorks(Multiplayer) and UWorks(Subsystem), I already have multiplayer working in my current project but it uses OnlineSubsystemSteam, so I suppose it will be necessary to remake my multiplayer sessions all over again with your subsystem, so I will need both of those versions anyway to get what I want right?
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          I know the anser to the first question. When he said it is going to break SteamID, he meant that for people upgrading from older versions; and it just meant that they have to, for example, place the nodes again in the editor.


            Originally posted by JohnnyZer0 View Post
            I know the anser to the first question. When he said it is going to break SteamID, he meant that for people upgrading from older versions; and it just meant that they have to, for example, place the nodes again in the editor.
            Oh yeah I think you are right, thanks! Im getting support from discord channel now, they answer faster
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              Incoming 4 announcements, in no particular order, about...


              Version 22-16 is now live! The notes are available in the documentation ( ). As you may be aware from recent updates, some Fornite-induced changes have proven to be quite a headache. This seems to be an ongoing trend. Either the NetDriver or the OnlineSubsystemUWorks module is suffering with every major engine version. For that reason, I have decided to drop the "UWorks (Subsystem)" version of the plugin. As compensation and an apology to those who own it, e-mail me with your receipt and you will get access to the full plugin. Also based on that and the newly released Epic Online Services, I've dropped the base price of the full UWorks version to 120 USD and the partial versions to 60 USD each.


              Once again, I found my inbox flooded with demands. Last I checked, I left the plugin in a perfectly functioning state, with comprehensive documentation. Those who "demand" support should realize they bought my code, not my consulting services. While you have the right to be mad at my carelessness when it comes to recent updates, you do not have any right to "demand" support. For that reason, my private messages are now disabled. If you have something to discuss, mention me in the channels and I'll respond whenever I am able to.


              From the ocassional discussions I've been having with other sellers, it's become clear in the last half a year or so, that the Marketplace continues to follow a downhill path. Ultimately, I am a nobody trying to do some good and earn a living off of it. As that became unfeasible through the Marketplace, I became more focused on other opportunities. At the end of the day, it's been 2 years of UWorks and I've been available almost 24/7 for the first 1.5 years of it. I'll be working more on balancing my time spent on Unreal and non-Unreal projects, but it's unlikely I will be back to dedicating 100% of my time to Unreal.

              ...what's coming:

              With this update, I also overhauled the presentation and documentation of UWorks and my work in general, to prepare for 1 upcoming paid plugin and 2 upcoming free projects. This will lead to increased consistencies in information and graphics between my products once they're published. In parallel to that, with the release of the above-mentioned plugin and projects, I will also be releasing a website with a blog and resources, which will, in theory, include even my non-Unreal work one day, and morph in to a company website.


                I bought the UWorks (Multiplayer), trying to start a dedicated server registered with steam, but get this error
                Warning: ModuleManager: Unable to load module 'OnlineSubsystemUWorks'
                and there is no folder named OnlineSubsystemUWorks in the source folder of plugin I got.

                And also I cant find any proper documentation on important steps for integrating this plugin
                like I made the additions mentioned in the documents in engine.ini file


                DriverUWorks", DriverClassNameFallback="/Script/OnlineSubsystemUtils.IpNetDriver")


                but still I cant run a dedicated server on machine. I got success using Advance session Plugin, but not with this one
                Trying hard to figure out what I missed
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                  Ok I got it this is optional


                  but the server I started is not showing in Steam Server browser, I have ports 27015,7777 forwarded and added in firewall


                    Any idea when 4.23 version will be released? Can I build the plugin myself if I cannot wait?


                      UWorks is now available at a permanent base price of 5 USD. My other UWorks variants (Single Player & Multiplayer) are no longer available. More information, announcements, a new project and the long-awaited update coming with 4.25.