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  • Originally posted by MSchuster View Post
    Thanks for your great project.
    I've extend the BT_TT_Junction Switch. With a new variable in editor, it will be possible to count the trains before switch the junction.
    Maybe someone find this useful.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	JunctionTrigger_ConsistCount2.jpg
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ID:	1403450
    Thanks for sharing! Great to see people getting use out of the system.


    • Hi all,

      We will be pushing out an update in the next few days with two big features.

      Movement Smoothing
      We have updated the movement of the trains along the track to allow for extra smoothing to be performed, this will result in a much more clean movement.

      Terrain Track
      The terrain track has been fully updated and now comes with more options.
      We have added a control spline that hovers above the track, allowing you to edit the terrain track with more control and less moving around inside the editor.
      Options have been added to copy all tangents, or just the first and last, giving you total control over the connection into other tracks on level ground.

      We'll post more info here when the update goes out along with updated documentation.

      PJ Team


      • Large update coming this week with a new roller coaster example map (with vertical drop), new speed triggers, updated terrain track, track baking updates and a cable car update.

        We'll update this thread once the update goes live.


        • The update is now live on the marketplace.
          The documentation has also been updated, if anyone has any issues or questions, please ask.

          Update notes:
          • Spline mesh roll is now driven by spline points, allowing for more complex and interesting tracks (see section below)
          • Terrain tracks have been updated to use a control spline for better control (see section below)
          • Track baking added to convert terrain tracks into standard tracks (see section below)
          • New roller coaster example map added
          • New cable car example map added
          • New speed trigger added
          • New models, materials and demo carriage with pawn added for new maps
          • Added a map with lots of pre-built sections of roller coaster mesh (just swap the mesh for your mesh / track)

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