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    I replied to MTaylor3d on Facebook, but for anyone else interested; Check out the coaster example map, it uses a pawn based train carriage. This allows the player to move with the train and control the camera to look around.
    This is obviously a simple example to demonstrate what can be done, but it's a good starting place for anyone wanting to 'lock' the player in as they move around.


      I just realized you added a cable car up date to the package, this looks amazing. I'm curious if you are able to have physics objects that can sit inside of train cars? I haven't seen any demonstrations of this. Would be a lot of fun to hook this together in VR. Thanks!


        I'm trying to make the BP_TerrainTrainTrack example. (Unity 4.18.3 or even 4.19 same effect)
        But i have strange effects (red gizmos appearing and then disappearing)
        Also the effect obtained is not the same as in the video explanation (there is no bold pink gizmo at all)

        In settings i don't see the same options as in the video like "point count"

        Also when i drag away the anchor the rail seem to snap to the lowest part of the terrain but it coes not curve properly, just goes straight trough the floor

        Can i please ask for help
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          @VR VISIO GROUP
          The terrain track has been updated since the tutorial video was made for launch (1 year ago).
          The red lines you see appearing are the line trace lines, when you move the track it will fire a line to see where the ground is underneath the point.
          The points, are spline points, so just drag a new spline point off your spline to add it to the track.
          Check out the terrain examples map to find a bunch of examples with multiple tracks and options.

          Thanks, glad you're liking it.
          Yep the objects are moving in the Unreal world as normal, so what ever collision they have will be used.
          If you open the maps with a third person character you can have them walk inside and they will move with the carriage. Same if you throw physics objects in there, they move with it.


            Thanks for the quick answer.
            Actually it was not obvious for me that i needed to make a right-click on the white line and press "add spline point"
            so for others wondering posting that here.

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              Just figured out how to bake together a track. (dev>MergeActors)
              i was at first surprised that the original pieces of track must still be there as a non rendered object
              + the new mesh must have no collision.=> fine.

              Now i'm wondering what is the most convenient way to have the baked copy of a complex tracke positioned in the proper position ?
              (same as the original parts from which it was baked)

              The "most convenient" process i found was to make a copy of all the elements (while rendered) then bake them together and chose the option "replace Source Actors"
              But even this way: the new created baked mesh was one world unit to the left and one world unit up compared to pieces of track,
              Still it's easy to reposition the track on the exact spot.

              Once done: i select all the pieces of track (the copies) involved in the baking and i set active "Disable Mesh Building"

              Is there a better way to do this ? in a way that the baked track would appear just exactly in the same spot as the merged actors ?
              I tried playing with option "Pivot point at zero" and selecting the 1st piece of track first but it did not helped in streamlining this baking process.

              Streamlining this process can be especially useful when you have to bake and adjust several times your final track.

              Any thoughts ?


                On spline points: You don't need to use the slow right click menu, you can just drag new spline points off using the standard spline controls.
                Check out the official Unreal docs for info on these.

                On baking: There's a built in track baker that solves all this for you. Check out the example terrain track map, or the section in the docs about this which can be found at:

                If you have any follow up questions after reading that, let me know.



                  i used the example coaster map and changed the max speed of the speed triggers. But the problem is the speed also changed at some points of the track but there where no speed triggers. Why is that?


                    Hi again,

                    Very much got the hang of working with the plug-in now, it's been incredibly useful, so thank you for that. I have one last question though. My project is VR based, and I have a rideable rollercoaster with a camera, that becomes active when the motion controller pawn/player overlaps with a box trigger. My issue is that by the time the player reaches this point, a significant part of the coaster track is missed. Is there anyway to make it so the train doesn't begin moving on play, instead starts moving upon the player character overlapping with a box-trigger? I've been trying to set it up for a while now, but with no success. Would this involve working with the level blueprint, or the track/coaster cart blueprint?

                    Thank you


                      To shorten my question - How would I get the train to run on overlap, as opposed to BeginPlay?


                        The speed will change depending on the incline, E.g. it will slow down going up a hill. You can set the coaster to use constant speeds, then use the trigger to set the max speed.

                        Check out the trigger example map, or the trigger blueprints. Here you'll see how by getting a reference to the train we can apply the brakes or change the speed.
                        So, you'd have your train on the map, set to stopped. Then add an ordinary trigger and get a reference to that train, then when the trigger is overlapped, release the brakes and set it to moving. You can even set the current speed if it needs to be moving at that speed as the player comes around the corner.


                          [QUOTE="PolygonJelly;n1452413"]On spline points: You don't need to use the slow right click menu, you can just drag new spline points off using the standard spline controls.
                          Check out the official Unreal docs for info on these.

                          Could you link to where the docs cover thanks features? Thanks!


                            Originally posted by PolygonJelly View Post
                            On spline points: You don't need to use the slow right click menu, you can just drag new spline points off using the standard spline controls.
                            Check out the official Unreal docs for info on these.

                            Could you link to where the docs cover thanks features? Thanks!
                            For sure, check out these docs;
                            The official docs can be a bit sparse at times, but all the spline controls are pretty much the same, so if you look at a couple of their spline docs you'll get everything you need.

                            To add points just hold down alt on a selected point and drag to create a new point. Then just experiments with the point and tangent controls to get the look you are after.

                            Hope that helps,


                              Got some questions about this... Do this work with world shifting origin ? And do come with a sample that the player can control the train or something on forward and backward and speeds ?
                              Hevedy - Instance Tools:
                              Hevedy - Image Tools:



                                Currently i'm fighting with some issue. I want to spawn a mine cart in REAL TIME and attach him to the nearest track and let him go forward, so i wrote some code to achive this.

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	image_138882.jpg Views:	2 Size:	142.5 KB ID:	1481397

                                When i hit "Play", this things happen:

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	error_msg.jpg Views:	1 Size:	233.0 KB ID:	1481398

                                Any ideas how can i fix this ?

                                Thanks in advice.

                                Kind Regards,
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