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    Would be nice if the creator would give qdelpeche a green light to go ahead and publish that tutorial (it's not as if the published to-be-changed source code snippets had any real value - would probably even fall into fair use anyway).

    Edit: once VS was upgraded to 2019, updating the plugin to 4.22 was super easy, barely an inconvenience.
    The linked thread with 4.22 C++ changes covers about everything.
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      Hello, guys!

      I am using this vehicle plugin now, but I ran into a problem. My vehicles have a big size opposite to models in a demo project. I increased a Tire size under SuspensionSettings until 200. After that my vehicle barely moved like a zombie Increasing a RPM value and decreasing a mass of vehicle didn't help. I completely stuck at this stage. I don't know what I can do it with it. Please, help me.


        Well, it's been some time... sadly...
        Probably gonna sound like a broken record but sorry to anyone who has been waiting for months. It has been difficult to find time to do anything else since I got hired to work full time on a project.
        I had big plans for this plugin but not enough time...

        4.22 update is gonna go out soon and I'll make sure 4.23 support update goes live the same week as the engine release.
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