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  • Originally posted by CryRealUnity View Post
    Does this have Multiplayer now or not? I get the impression that with a Dedicated Server it has Multiplayer right now as of today built in. So you are working on a Client-side Multiplayer function for now for the others who dont want to use dedicated servers?

    You say "Vehicle's engine settings can be changed at runtime". What exactly are they, can you make a list please. Does this cover everything needed to make GTA style racing (not too arcady).
    Yes, it supports standard server side replication with listen and dedicated server. Client side replication is just a different method of movement replication, basically client will have full control over its replication so it doesn't experience any movement corrections or lag. Anything vehicle physics related is covered. There kinda already is a list, you can find the plugin at "Epic Games\Engine Version\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\Plugin Nanme", and locate and open "LandVehicle_EngineComponent.h", any variable which has "BlueprintReadWrite" in UPROPERTY macro is accessible at runtime, it looks like this
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    • Originally posted by Blue man View Post

      Sorry, the update got delayed a bit, new plugin is currently being worked on. I'm adding a few more things to the upcoming patch. I'm planning to release the patch next week and if I don't find time to add the stuff I planned to I will just release the bug fix.
      Thanks for the update, appreciated.
      Look forward to trying it out
      Thanks Sly


      • This looks great! Sorry if it's been asked, but are skeletal meshes supported? Is it possible to set up a car in the same way as the vanilla UE4 "WheeledVehicle" Blueprint?

        Are factors like the suspension position and RPM exposed for Blueprint use so we can use them to drive visual components of the vehicle, like drivetrain and a custom visual suspension set up?

        For example to create a vehicle with very exposed mechanical parts such as a dune buggy.


        • Ok thanks for the answer, so I can use it today in my multiplayer game which uses dedicated servers then.

          What stuff for the next update are you working on right now? What can we expect? What is the long term goal / roadmap?


          • And will you update your Vehicle AI plugin further with more AI types? For example for making an open world city game where drivers stop on red light etc?