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Katana - Japanese Sword Model Pack

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    [RELEASED] Katana - Japanese Sword Model Pack

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm very pleased to introduce you my first marketplace content, Katana (Japanese sword). It contains 8 swords which are highly detailed and well considered.
    Feel free to comment with any questions, requests, and whatever you think about this.

    Available on the UE4 Marketplace - Price $34.99


    • It is such highly-detailed as you can get close to the model in VR. (Tested on HTC Vive!)
    • Work with layered material. Can be changed color of course, PBR parameters, and material (iron, copper, etc.) for each part.
    • Full customizable blade material provides delicate pattern and texture as an epic weapon of feudal japan.
    • Procedural mask generator material for sheath. There is option to print family crests on it.
    • Manual made LOD meshes are included. LOD1(60%) is also suitable as base mesh for third person character. LOD2(25%) can be used in middle range.

    To see all swords in 3D viewer, please visit Sketchfab.

    How to Use:

    I prepared tutorial video to get started with my pack, and material guide PDF. It has more information especially about material customization.

    Contents Included:
    List of sword name
    • Otachi_1 (Large sword)
    • Tachi_1 (Sword for mounted or higher class warrior)
    • Tachi_2 (-)
    • Tantou_1 (Small sword, Dagger)
    • Uchigatana_1 (Standard for main weapon)
    • Uchigatana_2 (-)
    • Uchigatana_3 (-, Spike and Knife are attached)
    • Wakizashi_1 (Sub weapon)

    18 : Skeletal Meshes - Sword and sheath for each, and B-type sheath for Tachi
    28 : Static Meshes - Blade, hilt, and sheath for each

    25 : Material Functions - 5 are used in blade material, others take charge of a part of mountings independently.
    15 : Materials - See above PDF for full list of material.
    63 : Material Instances - Generally, there are 2 instances for each as a preset of variation. You can make more.

    7 : in Detail Blade - Used in blade material.
    30 : in Detail Mountings - PBR textures of Wood, Metal, Leather, etc.
    20 : Family Crests - 512x512 masks
    17 : AO Maps
    45 : Masks - For layered material. Commonly 2048x2048 or 4096x4096
    11 : Normal Maps - Well integrated

    I hope if you have some interest in this pack. Cheers!

    Support email:
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