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    How can you change the default run state to walking first? I've changed the third person to first person at game start but I'm unable to change the run state to walk!!! Please help meee.. Thanks


      Does the dev still give update and support on this project?
      Im expecting after 3 month that someone gracefully give him thing to optimize his product (Multiplayer fix/replication fix) that should be included in the current version of the product.

      Movement replication is pretty much the only thing included in UE4. Turning a single player product into MP product is a load work for sure.
      But adding unecessary coding that use lot of bandwith is totally against the expected result of a MP product.

      This is a wonderful product. The fix should be implemented ASAP.

      Will buy it and yelling TAKE MY MONEY as soon as it is done!

      If not, well you wasted how many hours implementing networking? the extra hour litteraly save your work!

      Maybe a SP and another MP version of this product on the marketplace would be better.
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        How do I make the camera clamp and not go underground when in third person?? Please Help!!


          Hello Ryan92, You can add spheric colliding volume to te TP_camera component of your character blueprint. You can also setup a logic , that every time this volume overlaps with your character mesh, it will toggle the mesh visibility on/off, so that when you get too close to a wall your camera will not go inside youre mesh. Be shure to toggle mesh visibility only for you or the other players will see your mesh disappear when this occur.


            Simple question: I am trying to add a UI component that I created for ALSBaseCharacter. I need an EventBeginPlay node to connect to my InitializeUI component. Where in ALS_BaseCharacter can I do this?
            Don't let your dreams be memes!


              When I try to do a ragdoll event on character (player pressing X) it's work fine...but when I try the same on my AI ...the AI keep flying around like don't have gravity.
              How I can use the content ragdoll in my AI???


                Originally posted by Vaei View Post
                This networking code is convoluted and an unnecessary waste of bandwidth. You don't need to use any multicasts and you shouldn't - those are used for time critical events and most certainly never for cosmetics. The animation is based on what the character is doing, that's already communicated, you don't need to replicate the animation states - they're derived already!

                The netcode also doesn't work - test it with latency, it'll get corrected constantly.

                You don't replicate movement input either, it's already done from CMC via Acceleration. There's no reason to replicate any rotations either, again it's already done. "Base Aim Rotation" is your friend.

                I love the rest of the work, though. Let me help you with the replication --

                Fixing the replication issues
                Does not include ragdoll or input events
                1. Remove replication from every replicated variable
                2. Remove every instance of "Is Locally Controlled" and "IsNetworked" and allow all to run the code (except from the debug nodes)
                3. Remove every RPC call to server
                4. Switch: Set Looking Rotation should be changed from Get Control Rotation to Get Base Aim Rotation and it should be normalized (eg: ) alternatively you can feed it through Delta (Rotator) and leave input B empty, it normalizes it (just looks ugly and newbies might delete it thinking it does nothing).
                5. Switch getters for Character Rotation to Get Actor Rotation anywhere it's being used for computations (not for setting actual rotation, etc) - just consider it carefully and you'll be fine. If you don't, simulated proxies will jitter when rotating.
                6. Switch: Set Movement Input from Character Movement -> Get Last Input Vector to Character Movement -> Get Current Acceleration -> Normalize ( )
                Remaining issue: The Custom Acceleration graph desyncs at higher latency

                Result: Nothing is replicated, nothing is RPCd. Meaning you save all that bandwidth. And it works just the same. Why does this work? Because CMC already replicates all this stuff for you!

                Thanks so much for your hard work


                Edit: As for the ragdoll, I haven't taken much of a look at it. If you had a ton of players ragdolling all over the place you might want to simply replicate the location instead of multicasting it (you may have to temporarily raise the net update rate)

                Is this still relevant to the project in it's current state? I noticed no response from the author.


                  Originally posted by MalikuLupo View Post

                  Is this still relevant to the project in it's current state? I noticed no response from the author.
                  I may have implemented it incorrectly, but I was unable to get the replication fixes to work myself. I just reverted the changes to the original author's implementation.


                    Originally posted by karma4jake View Post

                    I may have implemented it incorrectly, but I was unable to get the replication fixes to work myself. I just reverted the changes to the original author's implementation.
                    I noticed that the bot controls do not work for a client either.


                      hi i wanna ask how can i use this locomotion with my existing project specificly the mmo starter kit by codespartan


                        Thanks for making this system free for a month.. Its great.. Just one question. I have a landscape and am using ur character on that, how can I stop the camera in 3rd person mode falling below the landscape?


                          I want to say thank you also! The system is beautifull.
                          To add some camera collision, look at how it's done in the default 3rd person template and begin to mess with MannequinCharacter BP
                          ie, springarm + camera.
                          WIP ShootOut - 3rdPerson ARPG


                            That was to easy LOL.. I have attached a screenshot to help others.. Thanks silik1
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                              I'm probably being dumb, but is there a way to change the camera distance without it moving back to X 300


                                Hey all, can anyone point me in the direction of the documentation? I'm trying to get the rotation system to work.