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    Originally posted by Soulast View Post
    They don't have it but, I did watch once on yt that someone did create one.
    That's a shame, Epic should get on that and make an official female version.


      Really glad to see this made it to the marketplace. Also glad to hear you're working on multiplayer support. Getting complex animations to replicate/sync to other clients is indeed a pain(I didn't get very far). This post by Kris might provide some useful hints. Aside from that using custom events that run on the server where possible/needed.

      It also occurred to me you might have to change some things to allow the character's head to look around without turning the capsule for multiplayer, I think that might be one major cause of desyncing right there. I keep thinking Couch Knights used several 2-bone IK nodes for the Head-Spine instead of aim offset.

      It's annoying, because ideally you shouldn't need to replicate much cosmetic animation logic. What would normally be important to the server is speed, acceleration/deceleration, jump height, etc. If you think of them as RPG stats you don't want someone hacking online.

      Keep up the good work!
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        is this working with other the animations packs that can be found in the Marketplace?
        if so, there is some documentation about this?

        Originally posted by Tylrin View Post
        Could you make a tutorial on how to add the Movement Animset Pro from Kubold?
        I am not sure if that is even posible, since these animations use motion cap and different stop animations.

        pd: i made this question a time ago, but I really did't understand the response (I'm sorry probably a language limitation)
        pd: Excuse my English.


          Hey Alexarg.

          No, that was a Question for KingTumTum101 to make a tutorial, because other animation packs often use different stop animation than in KingTumTum101 Project.
          I have found a lot of information scatter over the Internet but I don`t know how to put it in to blueprint myself.

          Here I tried it in Spanish

          No, esa era una pregunta para KingTumTum101 para hacer un tutorial, porque otros packs de animación usan animaciones de stop diferentes que en KingTumTum101 Project.
          He encontrado mucha dispersión de la información en el Internet pero no sé ponerlo en el modelo yo mismo.


            Originally posted by Alexarg View Post
            is this working with other the animations packs that can be found in the Marketplace?
            if so, there is some documentation about this?


            pd: i made this question a time ago, but I really did't understand the response (I'm sorry probably a language limitation)

            Sorry about the late response, I must've skipped over your question accidentally. It should be pretty straightforward to swap out my animations with Kubolds mocap pack. All you would have to do is hook up the other animations / blend-spaces into the animgraph, replacing the ones that are currently there. You might want to copy how I have my animations set up in the blend-spaces for better results, and you could also use a combination of both of our animations (for additive leans etc). As far as stopping animations, that's a pretty tricky question, as there could be multiple ways you could solve this. It could be possible to replace my stopping transition blendspace with his stopping animations, and then tweak some movement varialbes like "brakingdecelration" to eliminate as much foot sliding as possible. You might also want to change the when the "stopping" boolean is set for better blending results. You could also use my stopping transitions and idle pose with his locomotion animations, but you would have to remember to copy the correct anim curves for the walk cycles, so they match my animations.

            Hope this helps!

            I might try to post a tutorial in the future, but right now I am focused on adding more heavily requested features like network replication (which is hard )


              Thanks both for the response! the question I made was in the Marketplace, and I had a response over there so no worries . but this response is pretty better than the one in the marketplace
              I am considering this asset for my projects, thanks again.
              pd: Excuse my English.


                Hello mate, thanks for this awesome locomotion system!
                Just in case, i would recommend you to put a graphs logic into reusable func library instead of collapsed graphs which are a bit laggy, and you can use functions from func library in any Blueprint what is a big advantage.
                However, keep up the nice work!



                  This system works on mobile?


                    Originally posted by M4RIUS View Post

                    This system works on mobile?
                    I haven't tested it but it should, although you might want to simplify or remove what you aren't using for better performance.


                      someone managed to replace these animations with kubold package? someone help you can not figure out how to do? I tried but animations Kubold package are different, not only need to change only the animations, but need to make several changes that have I do not understand.... [MENTION=24501]KingTumTum101[/MENTION] you can help us? I understand that the multiplayer you like best, but we of the community we are asking for your help to put Kubold animations. Thanks friend
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                        So i tried to duplicate the ALS Character & Anim BP's, so i can (try) add stuff too them without ruining/overwriting the original, but whatever i try, the 'new' (read; duplicated) character isnt playing any walking/running/lookat animations, it just slides around? Ive made sure to point the 'new' Character BP too the 'new' Anim BP, but yea, its not working, the only thing that seems to work is the ragdoll & unragdoll, wich is strange because those are anims too..?

                        Any tips highly appreciated, im sure im just overlooking something small here, but cant see what atm.

                        Got it working, somehow (even though fully aware i had too) i just completely skipped the step of updating the references in the anim & character bp's to eachother.. derp.
                        For anybody struggling with this/running into the same issue, you basically start by changing the variable type of As ACLAS BP in the 'new' anim bp to your 'new' character bp, then you deal with all the errors that pop up by recreating and re-attaching nodes across the different blueprints, then finally make sure you change the onjump event reference in the character bp (since it doesnt error it isnt as obvious) and you should be good to go.
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                          Im definatlly getting somewhere now, got feet+hips IK working
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	ik_hips_done_1.PNG
Views:	2
Size:	460.1 KB
ID:	1123265
                          (red boxes at feet are bone positions used to start a trace from, red-green line along the z axis are the traces, green spheres are trace hits, the rest is just collision model wireframes)

                          Getting feet IK was actually pretty easy, i just copy pasted pieces of blueprint from the Animation Content Example (see 1.8) and added that too the copys i made of the ALS Character and Anim BP's, which was pretty straightforward due too the great structure & commenting of ALS. Then it was a matter of adding sockets for the feet bones too the skeleton and it was ready & working. That Content Example doesnt have any logic for 'dropping', or what ill call 'hip IK', so for that i went over this thread, its a bit hard to get trough but eventually i managed to take what i need from the main post and some of its replies, and got that to play nicely with the feet IK from the example, last bit was some super basic logic so that when a 'floating foot' is dragging the entire character down, the non floating foot is pushed back up again, and here we are, feet+hips IK

                          Not sure yet if i wanna share what i ended up with, since (a) im unsure how good/bad it is (although i like to think its ok, seeing how its based on content example and bp's by some guys who really know their stuff) and (b) idk what KingTumTum101's plans are regarding IK (besides 'would like to add') so for now i just suggest everybody that wants this to look at the 2 links above, pick apart that content example and the IK thread and your 90% of the way there, the rest is just a matter of logic thinking and trying some different variables.

                          Next up im gonna
                          - add more/better-placed animation notifies for when the feet lift/land (this is so it can be used to toggle the IK solver on/off as needed)
                          - add the feet rotation, atm feet look weird on angled surfaces (good thing this is also covered in the linked IK thread hehe)
                          - set up some better coordinates for the feet IK (atm feet sink slightly into the ground wich is meh but didnt matter much for getting the thing to actually work)
                          - maybe try implement that if a foot is floating and cant be placed (ie; theres no ground within acceptable range) it will play into a sideways falling anim into ragdoll... idk how hard this will be yet but would love to get that working

                          Heres some more pics cuz im so proud
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	ik_hips_done_2.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	267.2 KB
ID:	1123263 Click image for larger version

Name:	ik_hips_done_3.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	263.4 KB
ID:	1123264 Click image for larger version

Name:	ik_hips_done_4.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	179.9 KB
ID:	1123266
                          And a last one cuz this was a funny bug (which i promptly dubbed 'ministry of silly walks bug', possibly some easter egg in my game later lol)
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	ministry_of_silly_walks.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	507.4 KB
ID:	1123267

                          All of this was about 2,5h of work, spent a bit longer because i was trying some things, and took ~1,5 day because i was also checking random tuts i could find on the subject of foot placement in ue4, but those 2 links are really all you should need.
                          Tomorrow ill be looking at the 'next up' list
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                            Oh man, that's absolutely extraordinary! Hopefully something like this will make it into an update in the future! :P *hint hint*


                              ^ Thats basically up to KingTumTum.

                              Like said first i wanna add a few more features, and go over everything again to make sure its running as optimized as it can (for example im seeing a very occasional 'micro spaz' atm, pretty sure thats cuz bits and pieces are conflicting)
                              After that id be happy to send it all back to KingTumTum, although i do kinda feel like a little compensation would be in order, considering how (imho) vital IK is in a locomotion system, so yea, maybe if i could get a percentage of the cut on future sales, or a (partial) refund on the system itself, that be nice. Again, all up to KingTumTum, i dont really wanna come across as somebody just here to make money, i just do realize that IK is apparently one of the harder subjects of UE4, so i'd be willing to share it, but yea, i would like a little 'return' on my efforts.

                              If thats not agree-able, thats fine too, thats why i share the links that got me to where i am now, all it really takes for people to do this themselves is some time and logic thinking


                                I really wanna use this character system with inventory systems that i've downloaded from the marketplace, but it's so hard to do so. How would i get this system to work in another character blueprint?