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    Originally posted by MarlinAtRevis3d View Post
    is there a way to center the pivot of all highlighted Actors-Objects at the same time?
    I got too many actors to do it for each manually.
    Hi MarlinAtRevis3d, to set pivot to center for all selected actors, just make sure "Auto Save" is checked, and "Group Mode" is NOT checked, then click the sphere highlighted in picture.

    When "Group Mode" is checked, Pivot Tool will cheat all selected actors as one group and set pivot base on the group. When it's off, Pivot Tool will set pivot for each actor individually.

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      Hey Nate, i think i found an bug in the plugin.


      If i instal your plugin, my tracers dont trace correctly. Once i change the pivot and baked and the other time i only "set" the new pivot, but the trace goes wierd.


        Is there a way to restore the original pivot? Like reset or undo after the baking?
        Thank you.
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          Hey Nate, I love the plugin, but I may have discovered a really nasty bug. I'm using UE 4.24.3 and the latest version of PivotTool on the marketplace. Here's what's happening:

          I drag a basic primitive (cube, cone, cylinder, whatever) into the level. I set the pivot of each using the UI. I can usually bake one or two successfully, but more than that and they ALL change pivots to the same as the last one baked. What's worse -- and cost me an entire day to fix -- is that it also changes the pivots of random objects inside blueprints that aren't even selected!

          For example, I was working from the Collaborative Viewer template. I brought in a couple of cubes and sphere, scaled them independently and changed the pivots of each after scaling. On the third object, after baking the pivot they all moved. I reset them, but when I went to play in editor, I noticed that elements inside my pawn blueprint and my teleporter blueprint ring had moved as well! When I went into the blueprints to fix the offset, I noticed that they both had the same pivot that was baked into the static mesh primitives. And any new geometry brought into the blueprints automatically adopted that pivot. O.O But wait, it gets worse! In my troubleshooting I created a NEW collaborative view project, opened it, and it's Pawn's laser & teleporter geometry was reset too! Without having applied the plugin at all! With that, I deduced that the plugin must have done something to the Engine.

          Ultimately, with that suspicion AND since I couldn't reset the pivots of the blueprint geometry and I couldn't remove the plugin, I quit Unreal and uninstalled the build. After a reinstall without installing the plugin, I opened my project, ignoring the missing plugin warning. This time, without the plugin installed, all my pivots in my geometry were reset to the normal spots. Yikes!

          Not sure what all that means, but unfortunately I don't have time to do any more extensive testing. I'll chalk this one up to lesson learned, but I figured you ought to know.

          Good luck,