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    Originally posted by Dansiff View Post
    bigboy2k the ground meshes need to be labeled as ground collision for your character to walk on it.... prolly my least favorite thing but if you change it to on any floor meshes youll be able to walk on them. Just trynna help i didn't make this.
    Thank you for the tip! I just saw this same tip on the Marketplace thread and now everything is working as it should


      So it seems development of this module has pretty well ceased, and the tutorial on melee weapons link no longer works. So I'll just throw this out here and see what you guys think.

      After rigging and importing my custom melee weapons and adding the proper nodes, I can only get them to properly 'pick up' if duplicating and renaming one of the authors existing melee weapon BP's and changing the skeletal mesh. If I try to create a BP from scratch using the MeleeWeapon parent class, I just can't get it to work even though I have (as well as I can tell) matched every single setting. Any thoughts?

      Also to get proper orientation/have it pickup at the right spot, I have to physically move the model in blender and reimport. Not sure if that's common or not, but I would have figured I could just rotate in UE4 in either the skeletal or mesh editors but that doesn't seem to work.

      Lastly, I'm still trying to figure out how to modify the hitbox to be properly sized/positioned, and my weapons don't seem to be doing damage. I'll update if I figure these parts out.

      Also I'm going to be messing around with 'gutting' all of the other weapon mechanics (guns and such) while trying to leave in wand (for magic) and bows. Gonna try and trim it down, modify the movement systems and inventory systems, and make it more of a lean module fitting for a melee/medieval/fantasy theme a bit better. This will probably take weeks/months, and while I can't/won't for obvious reasons upload the end result, I can try to document any successful steps I take along the way so other users can follow if they want.


        Buying this piece of **** was my biggest mistake....50$ down the drain.