Would anyone be interested in a survival-game style tree-cutting system? The included blueprints would spawn cuttable tree actors procedurally at runtime, which could be cut down based on a configurable number of hits, and yield a configurable number of pieces of wood, similar to what you'd see in The Forest or Don't Starve. Tree chopping visuals would be powered by displacement modifiers, as seen in my tutorial series here:

A suite of different cuttable trees with included blueprint actors, meshes, materials, textures and particles would be included, as would an sample project containing sample actors that would allow the user to study the system and learn how to integrate it into their project.

Individual interactive tree actors would be swapped out with visually identical dummy placeholder instances to save on performance, but would swap in the interactive cuttable tree actors whenever the player is in a close proximity to the respective actor.

Would anyone be interested in something like this?